Chris Koos decides playing dictator doesn’t look good

By: Diane Benjamin

The illustrious Mayor of Normal has been spewing edicts for months and calling them Executive Orders.

He forgot 6 other people were elected to govern Normal. He failed to get his compliant majority to at least have input. He must have forgotten he just barely won 3 years ago and therefore doesn’t have a convincing mandate. Is this the start of his next campaign?

Remember when the COVID shutdown was only to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed? They never were but the “rules” continue anyway.

Wednesday at 5:00 the rest of the Council finally gets a voice:

If he thinks the kids are going to comply he hasn’t walked around campus. The invincible generation that won’t get very sick even if they have COVID isn’t going to listen.

Better idea Chris, place signs around campus:

I wonder how the police like being charged with dispersing kids when they weren’t allowed to stop looters?






4 thoughts on “Chris Koos decides playing dictator doesn’t look good

  1. In looking at the map, it appears that West campus and the Cardinal Court complex are exempt. Now, there will be a
    ‘new’ party central ! Our police were pulled back and not allowed to confront looters but now, they are mandated to write tickets for mask violations! Wow! Thanks to our Democrat Mayor !!

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  2. Meanwhile, young adults are leading the surge in COVID-19 diagnoses. It’s almost like the college kids came back to school and brought more infected people with them. Why are we importing illness, knowing college kids can’t control themselves?

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