Tomorrow: Back the Police!

There are more people who support the police than don’t. Those who do MUST show up at the rally tomorrow. Rep Darren Bailey will be speaking. Today he is at a rally in Charleston. The loony left is disrupting the event. Tomorrow they will be across the street, security will keep them out of the Back the Blue event here.


Charleston right now:

17 thoughts on “Tomorrow: Back the Police!

  1. Won’t the clowns across the street still be on private property? Didn’t think the city owned it. If so shouldn’t they be dispersed by the police?

  2. Who is providing security ? It takes more than a gym -‘roid attitude and a T shirt with the word SECURITY on it. The peaceful counter protestors will likely be right on the constitution trail – forcing the Back The Blue supporters to run the gauntlet at the narrow park entrance , then cross the street to get to their vehicles. The potential for an embarrassing sh** show is high , especially if Garcia’s people and BLM outnumber the Back the Blue rally goers .

  3. Security…some of the finest you will ever meet. They are just off duty. If you impede the entrance to the park, police will be called. There will be security at taking and the park itself. Police will patrolling up and down the road, through parking and the park itself.

  4. Darren Bailey and Mark Curran….sure sounds like a Trump rally to me. Having just waited a few minutes for people to cross the street to go into it, it sure looks like one too. I’ll pass.

  5. So if there are Trump signs there you won’t go in how about the black lives matter signs? you didn’t mention those I was there so there was a Trump sign or 2 as well as black lives matter signs the entire rally was about supporting our people in blue not one mention of Trump, bindy your selective partisanship kept you from a great rally to support our men in blue. How sad!

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