Back the Blue Rally pics

These are just to give you and idea of how many people attended. counting was difficult because people were social distancing.

Black Lives Matter only had a handful of people trying to disrupt the rally, we were too far away to hear them.

h/t John Boch – Guns Save Life for these pics.

This guy got arrested for trespassing because he was shouting vulgarizes at kids playing

The Antifa wannabe must have been dying of heat.
BLM attempted to harass attendees – they failed.

The rest of the BLM supporters were mostly white, blacks don’t support BLM?

h/t Sonny Garcia for this still from his video:

Shayna Watchinski Democrat County Board Member

Shayna thinks she can get more Democrats elected to the County Board. I wonder why the others running weren’t out with her? To hide they are as radical as Shayna?

25 thoughts on “Back the Blue Rally pics

    1. I know. It shows that even in a conservative safe haven most people are smart enough to recognize that police brutality is a violation of human rights.


      1. That’s why we are a nation of laws. Even the police are subject to those laws. The current little communist coup-wannabes think that they are above those laws because their feelings are triggered. Vandalizing. Looting. Terrorizing. That’s not the way it works. You petition your ELECTED OFFICIALS to be answerable to the people. They should be standing outside Tari Renner’s house, Koos’ house, the little communist Jen’s house. Screaming and beating their drums at them. Not screaming profanities at decent people who want the laws followed and respected.

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      2. And so are crimes. When someone is beaten, killed, or robbed, it’s a violation of their personal rights. ESPECIALLY when it’s an innocent child, but no one has time to protest for that.

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  1. What a wonderful variety of people who attended Back the Blue rally. One thing in common is that we are all Americans who love our constitution, flag and country. We will persevere.

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  2. We had over 500 people at the rally. Thanks Diane for the pictures. Actually, people wore masks and did a great job social distancing. It was a great turnout and Boys and Girls Club and Children’s Advocacy Center each get about $1250 each as of now. We will continue to support and do great things for the community. More should try to support the community instead of banging on a drum for 3 hours.

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  3. Not in Our Town facebook page has a video posted of the rabid bigots cursibg and bullying law peaceful law abiding citizens. Mayor Renner should be ashamed of his supporterd conduct.

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  4. I was there, and I appreciated all the patriots who came out to stand in the hot sun…and walk through the stinky, unsightly, and small corridor of low-IQ communists at the entrance. More rallies like this are needed, especially to educate about how police are being scapegoated not because of “black lives,” but because they are the first line of defense in upholding the laws that we the people have voted upon. Communists don’t like laws. They follow party edicts and mob whims and their “feelings.” Our police and the laws they enforce are anathema to them

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  5. It’s become cool for entitled white woke, mainly college students, to participate in BLM rallies. Some much so that they’ve basically taken over the movement. Virtue signaling at its finest.

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  6. I assume neither Dan or Bill Brady attended. Since Dan shows up at just about everything, him not showing up to this says volumes about his character.

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    1. Dan was there, he just wasn’t on the lineup of people to speak. In fact he was harassed and chased after by BLM while he was leaving on his bicycle.


  7. Seems to have been a super spreader evident. Where were the masks? Where were the African Americans in that crowd? It looked to be an older white crowd. When people who attended that evident begin to get sick, I wonder how far their patriotism is going to go…..


    1. Awww, we know that you communist liberals are death-eaters and rub your hands with glee at the thought of people dying. Haven’t you heard? It’s a MAGIC VIRUS that somehow doesn’t spread when you’re at a restaurant, at the gym, or burning & looting businesses. It also doesn’t spread among patriots social distancing. If anyone was spreading the virus, it was the communists at the gate trying to scream in peoples’ faces.


  8. LOL. Where were the AA’s in the BLM crowd? Looked pretty white out there to me…

    Someday BLM is going to wake up and find out their movement got jacked by Bernie Bros, Antifa, and white liberals, for their own ends.

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