Covid – Who needs quarantined!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From McLean County Health Department

Note the dates:


covid august 1

Interesting points:

  • The people testing positive aren’t that sick
  • People in their 20’s are the biggest group testing positive
  • Why was the color scheme changed? They couldn’t find a new color for adding a category?
  • The infection rate is staying ridiculously low!  2.1%

25,634 people have been tested in McLean County


6 thoughts on “Covid – Who needs quarantined!

  1. We are STILL waiting on texting results more than 2 wks after being tested. Never know if we had it, quarantined, and now have antibodies. Oh well, in a perfect world…

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  2. My friend’s elderly step dad died of a stroke,,,listed cause of death as covid. His friend tested positive for covid four times so they listed him as covid four times. Two of his friends in Florida signed up for testing but because the wait was so long they did NOT GET TESTED but a few days later received letters in the mail telling them that they tested positive for covid. I was telling another friend of mine this story and he said he knew a guy similar story, signed up to be tested, got tired of waiting and left but got a letter five days later telling him that he tested positive for covid. The demonrats must inflate the numbers so they can justify to the sheeple the mail in voting as it’ll be a cakewalk to steal the election. Deceive to achieve.

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  3. Crashing the economy thanks to JB Pritzger, Gavin Newsome and Cuomo being the first demonrat governors declaring lockdowns is of no consequence to them as seizing power is the goal. Deceive to achieve.

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  4. My mother has been locked up in assisted living since March. I visit her standing on sidewalk and talking through window. I have noticed her attitude changing from someone upbeat to someone who is down trodden. Someone please tell me how that is helping her? Tell me it is not false imprisonment and elder abuse. Tell me how it’s for her safety. My mom is only one of thousands of elderly locked up while prisoners are set free

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