Cancel culture, Normal, and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

ISU President Dietz has caved to the Cancel Culture.  He thinks it isn’t fair to ask students to live in Watterson Towers in houses named for historic figures ISU likely has no classes that even discuss.  His Assistant for Diversity (head divider) told him.

Dietz doesn’t know the Cancel Culture never quits, especially when they get a victory.  Erasing history does little when actually teaching it does far more to prevent the injustices of the past.  Education and a college evidently don’t mix.

Dietz looks to be a German name.  Will the Cancel Culture look at your ancestry Mr. President?  Got anything hiding in the family tree?  Have you committed any micro-aggressions?   The left is already plotting their next attack.

Even with declining revenues, the Town of Normal went ahead an hired a Director of Propaganda (communications).  Staff got raises while businesses were shut down.  Many citizens lost their jobs and they have no idea how many students will be back on campus.  Pensions are destroying budgets and this year will be a worse.  The Town continues to search for grants for the underpass only they want.  The Town needs grants to fix West College, and don’t forget the massive debt Uptown put everybody in.  (the short list of citizen grievances!)

But Normal needs a new employee complete with benefits – paid for by taxpayers – and a pension.  Brilliant

I hope Pam didn’t tell her the job was permanent!  April 2021 might just change everything.

A week or so ago Jenn Carrillo decided to FOLLOW me on twitter, so I followed her back.  It’s been entertaining!

Yesterday she was upset with the Democrat Party (who isn’t?):

carr tweet

This stuff just shows up when I’m playing on Twitter.  I was of course forced to respond:

carr tweet 2

Jenn’s response says everything people need to know about socialists and radicals, they don’t get into politics to be public servants:

carr tweet 3

She quit responding after this:

carr tweet 4

Truth in media is dead.

I know the Pantagraph  received the same CD with the entire body-cam of the  Taylors and the neighbors that I did.  They chose not to report the truth by saying they were protecting the identities of the “neighbors”.  

The paper covered the “book parade” extensively yesterday, even included a video.  All those participants were as uniformed as the people who lived behind the Iron Curtain thanks to the ace reporters at the Pantagraph.

If you are one of the few that still subscribe:  They canceled being journalists – cancel them.







12 thoughts on “Cancel culture, Normal, and more

  1. Dear President Dietz:

    You have the distinct honor of being the ISU president who will be in charge at the beginning of the decline of higher education. FYI – Caving to SJW’s and BLM insane cancel culture is NOT going to help you save your institution or the people who currently work in it.

    Dear Fuhuer Koos:
    You have done enough damage. Please retire and let someone sane take over.

    Dear Jenn:
    The information silo and echo chamber that you exist in is NOT going to change the fact that the next election is going to wipe out the Democratic Party across the country. The American people are not WITH you or your ilk. Prepare to be completely marginalized and forgotten on November 4, 2020. You and your socialism are history…

  2. Well written. Canceling culture will only lead to repeat. Most of us know this. Very sad a President of a large well known college in the US doesn’t know this already.

    1. Ironic, ISU began as a teachers’ college. It is still highly regarded as such. What will the future teachers be teaching the next generations? The mere thought is frightening.

  3. ISU President Deitz must have too much time on his hands. Nothing to do but try to validate whatever the left demands at any given moment. He might get better press if he offered to return his $48,000 bonus he received back in February.

      1. Apparently for doing nothing more than his job. I don’t get a bonus for my job at ISU, and I’m pretty good at it. Oh well…

  4. The leftists Democrat’s have repeated their changes to history so long that they can no longer believe the truth. Sounds like President Dietz joined in with them and has forgotten true history in favor of pleased a few. As an alumni I can’t with good concise contribute more money to indoctrinate these children with the lies of the Democratic party. Oh, Mister Mayor of Normal, thanks for contributing to the excessive debt of the Town. I believe it was Dave Anderson the former City Manager that touted the “fact” that Normal was or nearly out of debt. Just how much more taxes will you be adding to us as the value of our homes decreases? Let’s change this good ole boys to good people with the right values.

  5. Dietz understands what the ramifications are but he doesn’t care. He’s either got skeleton’s in the closet to hide or he doesn’t want to upset the apple cart of his inflated salary with benefits. Koos is a power freak. Jenn just isn’t very bright as the refusal to understand or give any credence to factual history is completely hypocritical to the ideaology that she espouses or what she claims to stand for.

  6. It is much easier for people to cave in to the demands of the loudest instead of doing what is best for our future. When I was a child I thought in childish ways and made childish demands. As an adult, I now appreciate my parents for not caving into my childish demands.

    Dietz is paid $375k + $50k a year as a bonus. He will pander to the student age and children’s demands. The unrelenting indoctrination of the students by his professors leaves him little room but to cave or risk his pay check.

    Koos is a bully who continues tax people to no end to fulfill his selfish Uptown Dream regardless of what the non student residents think. “Plan our work and work our plan” is the mantra he has indoctrinated his followers to blindly believe. His plan was determined 20 years ago. No other opinion has mattered since.

  7. Dietz is a toady for the local virtue signaling gentry. He knows he is lucky to be there. His jello-like internal belief system is 10o% geared towards earning in place until pension time. Someday there might even be a statue of Dietz on campus that will be pulled down by woke students of the future.

  8. ISU has done MORE to CANCEL CULTURE then ANYONE can IMAGINE! Starting with John Wesley Powell and his Grand Canyon logbook of 1869 which is SUPPOSED to be in THEIR possession, somewhere in STORAGE since they closed AL 7 museums years back. Where’s that NOW mr d?
    I would consider that a NATIONAL treasure. How about YOU? Or would you rather just dismiss it??
    Do YOU KNOW where it is??

  9. Dietz has caved to the mob, and they didn’t even have to break a sweat. This is only the beginning, folks. The mob never backs down unless people stand up to them. These SJWs likely have a list of demands that they’re continuously adding to. These things usually start off with something minor and seemingly inconsequential (like a building name) so people roll their eyes, think “ah, whatever, no big deal” and move on. But it’s a building block for further, more aggressive demands. Boil the frog as the expression goes. Of course, Dietz doesn’t care, as long as he keeps his big salary, bonus, and pension. The last thing he needs is for the SJWs to call attention to his paycheck and compare it to entry-level hourly employees. So, he gives in to the mob with the understanding that they’ll leave him alone. Trouble is, the mob eventually turns on their own with the first sign of the slightest misstep or questioning.

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