UPDATE: Does Midwest Food Bank know they are a “lefty” organization?

Midwest Food Bank is no longer on the list


By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Jenn Carrillo thinks they are – they are listed on a new website Jenn is working on for “lefty” causes:  https://www.justblono.net/resources

Below are all of the ones listed, she forgot Connect Transit:

lefty organizations

Jenn is looking for writers to blog on her site:  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDSfga6pnoG/?igshid=9fkava67gwre

insta jenn

She’s already got one clueless writer.  Did you know capitalism is racist?  The story is on the site, the print is so large it’s too hard to read.  The content is at best uniformed.  Nothing about the story pertains to the free exchange of goods and services (capitalism).  It’s all Marxist theology.

Congrats Jenn.  We need more exposure of your anti-American views.  Did you ask those organizations if they want to be part of your website, or did you just declare them radicals?

21 thoughts on “UPDATE: Does Midwest Food Bank know they are a “lefty” organization?

  1. Corey Mattson wrote the Capitalism is Racism blog. Looks like he left being a school teacher last year to work for a large evil capitalist corporation called State Farm. What happened Corey did greed and lust for more money make you ditch your principles and participate in a racist system?

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    1. I’m sure Normal First United Methodist Church will be excited to know, they made her list. The school street food pantry is located at the church.

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  2. We have very little to fear from any of these intellectual light weights.

    This clueless SJW Jenn needs to be voted out of office.

    These non-profit fringe organizations are on borrowed time in the coming economy and political environment.

    Caving to either WILL make you look like a weak fool in the future…

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  3. She forgot the IWU Political Science Dept!
    What about Green Top?
    A friend of mine calls these people “Smartie Smarts”!! They get up in the morning, look in the mirror and think they will change the world into a WAY better place -TODAY, when in reality, they couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

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  4. OUTSTANDING!!! It’s a great idea to list all of the “LEFTY” organizations and businesses!!!! It makes it SO EASY for us to know which ones to STAY AWAY FROM!!! Give Jenn a GIANT THANK YOU for making it so easy to support conservative organizations and businesses, rather than destructive left wingers!!! John P. Brown Bloomington, IL

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    1. I don’t believe in guilt by association. (*Suspicion* by association is completely reasonable, though!)
      I’ve heard good things about Habitat for Humanity and MarcFirst, as well as MWFB. Perhaps my trust is misplaced and others here would care to enlighten me, but it will take more than Jenn endorsing them for me to write them off as evil or pro-evil or some such.

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  5. Personally knowing those who started and still run Midwest food bank, I would be shocked to find out they supported a leftist agenda (at least knowingly). MFB does charitable work to fight hunger all over the world and in spite of the name are not just in the midwest. But I’m sure they would probably be more than willing to respond to the charges of being leftist if given a chance. Its leadership is driven by a great and deep faith in God and I would wholebheartedly recommend them as an organization to support.

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    1. I have been taking teams of volunteers to work at Midwest Food Bank every week for several months since the pandemic. Prior to that, I was signed up under their program that allows volunteering up to 6 times per year. I just got off the phone with them and they were shocked to hear of this. I emailed them the link to this inaccurate and unfortunate reference. They do not get involved in politics at all, have no “leftist” tendencies, and are, as you stated, a Christian organization devoted to addressing hunger across our country and around the world. I too endorse them as a wonderful organization to support with your donations of both money and time. I pray this horrific and untrue association doesn’t damage their good name or contributions.

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      1. Unfortunately, Jenn’s Facebook page for her organization doesn’t accept messages and you can only comment if you join, which I have no intention of doing. But I did find her personal Facebook page and sent her a private message letting her know what I think of her maligning these organizations with no foundation for it. She appears to be someone clamoring for her 15 minutes of fame at the expense of other very worthwhile charitable and religious organizations. One of those who sits back and criticizes and whines rather than actually getting involved to make the world a better and kinder place.

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      2. As I have said before,

        With their burning and rioting in our cities
        With their destructive “Cancel Culture”
        With their complete lack of fiscal discipline
        With their desire to destroy our economy
        With their Black Lives Matter racial division BS
        With their 95 gender nonsense
        With their hatred for our nation
        With their hatred of white people
        With their Love of Communism
        With their hatred of our history
        With their lies and deceit
        With their support for Antifa
        With their destruction of free speech
        With their support of illegal immigration
        With their hatred of our great President Trump

        Our leftist mayors and our socialist elites ARE our enemies and the enemies of our country. They need to be fought and removed from office EVERYWHERE.

        Who is with me?

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  6. @Diane Benjamin – How do I find the link to her actual blog where she posted this? Some people are wanting to see it and share it with some of the organizations that she has targeted.


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