Health Department website: It’s been this way for quite awhile

By: Diane Benjamin

You still have less than a 1% chance of dying from Covid. I have no idea what “New Hospitalizations” means:

10 thoughts on “Health Department website: It’s been this way for quite awhile

  1. One percent is huge. If you catch the flu in a bad year, you’re chances of dying is a half a percent.

    1 percent of 168838 is 1688 dead.

    You have no idea what new hospitalizations means? It mean that hospitalization are going up. 15.1 percent of 100,00, up from 8 percent. If 54,000 people died by any other means you’d be screaming.


    1. Let me guess – You’re still wearing the symbol of submission aren’t you? I suggest you do some real research and watch these “overlords” that you submit to at their WEF gatherings/Davos and maybe watch and listen to what all else they have planned for you and what they really think of you instead of being a cowering silly sheep bleating whatever you have been programmed to say by the propaganda that they put on the MSM for you to lap up. By the way isn’t it time for you start planning for for your next “booster” and requesting your “vote by mail” ballot? People like you are a huge part of the problem and I worry far more about the likes of you that I do “them” they NEED people like you because without them, THEY are NOTHING.

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      1. I agree with you 100%, Ronin. And by the way:
        FACT: You cannot be admitted to any hospital, for any reason, without taking a PCR test. No symptoms, you are still forced to take the test — or no treatment.
        FACT: The PCR test is not a diagnostic tool for anything. This is according to the person who invented it, Kary Mullis (who coincidentally died — quite unexpectedly — just before this plandemic began).
        FACT: I used a home testing kit using a sample from an overripe apricot. It tested positive.
        FACT: If your PCR test returns positive, and you’re being admitted to the hospital for, say, a kidney stone, you are now a “hospitalized COVID case.”
        FACT: Hospitals get paid EXTRA for COVID cases.
        FACT: If you die during your kidney stone surgery with a positive PCR test, you are a COVID death.
        These numbers cannot be relied upon in the least.
        Prove me wrong.

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  2. To clarify what I wrote, obviously I misspoke. 377 people died in McLean which is up, hospitalizations are up with those who are home recuperating up also. The state of Illinois has 33,904 confirmed deaths. Omicron variant cases are at 48 percent. So that website you posted has in fact changed.

    So it’s very weird that you complain about other deaths in McLean but consider the deaths of 377 people no big deal. You can read about the Omicron variant on state of Illinois website:


    1. @JamesMadisonsGhost That hospital part is absolutely not true. Literally false. Was recently admitted to a BloNo hospital and had no tests of any such kind and service was not impacted due to no COVID test.


      1. Then it’s recently changed – may I ask if you are fully injected? Perhaps the fully injected get “privileges” though I don’t know why they would since they can get it and pass it along. OR perhaps it’s because there is a shortage of “tests” so they can’t just do them all the time like they used to. It IS 100% true that they got extra $$ for Rona patients and that many people were put down as Rona deaths when they only had mild if any Rona symptoms but died from something else.

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  3. Ok if you want to know what really going on and why people are getting reinfected with “breakthrough” covid variant infections… here you go: “Israel: Chronic Covid Persists in Guts and Immune CD8 Cells, like AIDS”

    And here is an article on a variant created by vaccinated people that is killing them in Portugal. They appear to be getting Vaccine-induced AIDS. Ba.5 is a “Variant for Boosted People”

    And last but not least – my favorite disease category – “prions” from Steve Kirsch “Twitter made a huge mistake. I was right about prion diseases. They were wrong. Surprised?”

    If you are vaccinated… best not read any of these articles.

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    1. Thank you for posting those. Many of the ‘true believers” (you can know them by their face masks) get their only info from ONLY from CNN/MSDNC, “approved” sites such as the CDC or some dot gov or similar believing that anything else is “misinformation” because they have been told to not look and to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and unlike Toto they don’t dare pull back that curtain to find the truth. The “approved” sites don’t think that the peasants need to be aware of things like what’s going on with the super-vaxxed in Israel or what is happening in Portugal or anything about all of the little get togethers “they” have to plan the next big virus that they have cooked up or will cook up with their mad scientist “gain of function” crap that they do in their putrid little bio-weapons labs, well when they aren’t torturing dogs by doing stuff such as allowing sand flies to eat the dogs faces off so they can “study” that or dropping various substances into the eyes of restrained rabbits so they can watch, and dutifully record and document the suffering or various other nonsensical things that everyone with a brain already knows.


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