Update: Is this a joke?

Update: Back in 2017 lawmakers did rename part of I55, but it stopped north of Pontiac: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/national-international/barack-obama-expressway-illinois/19044/?amp

Somebody tell Google!

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader


Apple maps shows Veterans Parkway!

If Veterans is now an Expressway, can we drive as fast as we want.

24 thoughts on “Update: Is this a joke?

  1. Its been the veterans 500 for years. If one town needs red light cameras its on veterans and im anti-red light! Its bad. Why? Not sure why so many people are in that big of a hurry. Young and old. Bobbing and weaving. Unreal.

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  2. I now live out of state, but spent some 40 years living in Woodford Co., so am very well familiar with BLN and “Veterans Parkway” and in fact, still come back for a couple of doctor appointments throughout the year. Now, when in the ‘blank’ was good old “VETERANS” Parkway named ‘blank’ ‘blank’ EXPRESSWAY???? OUR “VETERANS” are so much more important then ‘president’ ‘blank’ ‘blank’!!! 😦 😦 😦


      1. I feel someone was messing around and entered this into google. Maybe it stuck for awhile or whatever but i just checked my google maps and its not changed


  3. What has happened to the “nice boring inexpensive place to raise a family”? I am so glad I don’t live there anymore.


  4. How much of a waste of money was that?? Why weren’t we notified? He didn’t do anything spectacular to deserve anything like this!!!


  5. There was a time when somebody would ask a question and one reasonable response was “Google is your friend”. Somewhere along the line, Google became our enemy. DuckDuckGo should be your default search engine, and your default web browser on your phone. And using ‘google’ as a verb should be as frowned upon as any other offensive verb or verb phrase you wouldn’t want kids to hear.


    1. This is a disgrace to our veterans & Americans who have been watching Obama destroy America for 13+ yrs. (Yes we know who was behind the Russia hoax & attempt to destroy Trump. We also know current fake president, is Obamas puppet) Sad but true.

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