WGLT: This took TWO reporters?

By: Diane Benjamin

Who knew chatting can’t spread COVID!

After dinner drinks at the bar doesn’t spread COVID either,

Still don’t believe in #FakeNews?

See this story by the ISU media about the President of ISU:


Does the picture of Dietz “chatting” show he is following the “rules”? Masks, 6 feet away, etc?

It took not one but two reporters to write this story:  ERIC STOCK & CHARLIE SCHLENKER.

WGLT claims Dietz was following the rules! Now you know why so many ISU kids are testing positive, they are just following the example set by ISU President Dietz.

I’m surprised WGLT didn’t declare the virus can’t be spread at fundraisers, it obviously can only be spread in common areas of off campus housing.

I hope Dietz wrote a huge check to the Boys and Girls Club since he promotes social justice on campus. How big was that check Larry? How much of your wealth did you redistribute?


6 thoughts on “WGLT: This took TWO reporters?

  1. “ A spokesperson for ISU said Dietz followed public health protocols.”

    The inability for government elites, and in this case ISU, to admit a mistake is why people do not trust them. Hypocrisy like this is viewed as two sets of rules, one for them and one set they impose on us. Repeated logic like this has created unprecedented division.

    Personal accountability is being systematically eliminated from our society when our educators lead by these examples.

    GLT is hardly unbiased. There is little doubt GLT was instructed to do a damage control piece. They historically spin things to protect ISU and Koos and Co. at all times.

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    1. RC McBride has been the de facto Minister of Propaganda for the area. He will now be teaming up with Normal’s new Minister of Propaganda to lie and move their leftist narrative forward for the criminals currently running both towns.

      The truth is their real enemy.

      And they are willing to do just about anything to keep it from you.

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  2. In this case, the coverup is worse than the crime. (No pun intended.) I believe Dietz initially apologized. All he had to do was give a sincere apology, say he intends to set a better example for students and the community, promise to be more aware, and then move on. Indeed, the story would have been over, if not for the coverup team at GLT, which just had to pick at the healing scab. They just can’t help themselves!

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  3. “Both the president and Mrs. Dietz wore face coverings and observed social distancing guidelines while walking into the restaurant …”

    Don’t you guys know you can only spread covid when walking into a restaurant?

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