Local COVID data

By:  Diane Benjamin

The latest from the McLean County Health Department:  https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19

covid july 14

Note what age group isn’t taking the virus seriously. 

What are the ages of the 4 hospitalized?  Not reported.

Also not reported is the total number of tests completed – it has to be many thousands.  That makes the positive rate ridiculously low.  Is that why it isn’t reported?

How many of those 20-somethings infected are female?  Did they push the female infection rate way above males?

Better data sure would be nice.


12 thoughts on “Local COVID data

      1. Yes,

        With that being said, a total of 333 cases in a population of 172,845 is EXTREMELY low.

        So if you are 60+ (be careful) but the rest of the population can go about their lives normally.

        The numbers don’t lie but appears that Democrats do (especially if they think it can hurt President Trump and slow down the wave of National Populism sweeping the nation).

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  1. It is still uncertain what long-term effects the virus has on ALL ages. While younger people are not as likely to die (but not impossible) some are suffering very difficult recoveries.


  2. Even more problematic is the long term effects on a demonrat ruled government in regards to the control-la plandemic filled with lies, false flag bovine excrement virus. There. Let me tell ya how I really feel.

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  3. Little league teams and other youth sports programs have been going on all summer long, believe it or not, and I haven’t heard anything about this virus spreading among this population. In fact, my wife and I walk past a park where games are being played just about every night and no one is wearing a mask. As we patiently wait on our schools to make up their mind what they’re going to do I hope these realties are taken into account. Youth do not appear to be an at risk category. I personally think we’re doing more damage by not having school in the fall than by having it.

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  4. I believe the total number of people tested in McLean County is +/- 16,000. The reported rate, criteria used by DPH, for McLean County is between 2.0-2.2%, well below the requirement to open up the economy.

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