Veterans dishonored by Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

Back in December I did a story about veterans inability to get to the VA Clinic if they must use a bus to get there:

Nothing has changed.  Normal Trustee Stan Nord posted this video to Facebook explaining the problem.  He even measured the path disabled veterans have to traverse to get from where the bus drops people off to the door.  697 feet!

Since the mission of the current Connect Transit Board is to make everybody ride the bus, not serve those who NEED the service, veterans are paying the price.

Hint Connect:  People won’t be giving up their cars to ride a bus.





18 thoughts on “Veterans dishonored by Connect Transit

  1. Nonsense, Stan…(Dis)Connect Transit needs a multi-million dollar transfer station, oversized “green” buses, consultants to beg the state and federal government for a taxpayer-funded bailout, and a marketing campaign that no one listens to. This guy with his common sense observations and advocacy for veterans. Honestly?! 😉

  2. Thank you Stan. So why will Connect not drop at door if all it takes is a loop through the driveway ?
    Everyone should send an email to their city council ward person and demand to know why not and if it can be fixed.

    1. The new electronic buses are too big to navigate the parking lot, that’s why. Same thing happened at St. Joe Hospital. Brilliant Connect Transit, brilliant!

  3. Wonder if Tari OR koos was handicapped IF CT would take THEM to the door?? BET they would..
    Where’s our VOCAL council members at here??

  4. IIRC, Connect gave the excuse earlier that their buses were too long to travel through the Vet’s parking lot to the door. Duh, try buses about 10′ shorter. Who appoints these people? It’s way past the time flushing these good comrades (who know better than you about how things should be run) out of public service.

  5. Former Connect Transit General Manager, Andrew Johnson and his deputy both stepped down from similar positions in Grand Rapids last month. No details were given, but sure looks suspicious. Apparently, other communities may actually question poor decision making processes and the flush of tax payer dollars. It would be interesting to get more details of these resignations. I’m following it, but right now have no info to report.

  6. The one positive note is that the Connect Mobility service which uses smaller buses now has the same fare as the fixed route large busses. Connect Mobility is a door to door service which requires advance reservations. There has also been a change in the Board’s membership. There are now 2 members of the Board who represent dependent riders.

  7. Did you seriously think that that money wasting Connect Transit board and mayors could actually do something that makes sense. They would rather have empty buses circling the city than actually pick up passengers that need the service. Common sense eludes these people. All they can come up with is spend, spend, spend.

  8. From the Connect site. The regular bus is supposed to be the primary mode for everyone, including those with disabilities.

    The ADA states that Connect Transit’s regular bus service should be the primary means of public transportation for everyone, including people with disabilities. Under the ADA, Connect Mobility will serve as an alternate option for those persons who do not have the functional capability to ride Connect Transit’s buses.

    To be able to use Connect Mobility service the individual must complete an ADA application. ADA PARATRANSIT Application For those who have been approved, the Mobility bus provides service in the same area and at the same days and times as Connect fixed route buses.

    Read the Connect Mobility FAQ’s, especially the questions
    Who may use Connect Mobility?
    How do I apply for eligibility to use Connect Mobility?

    It is not as simple as just calling a cab.

  9. To put 697 into perspective, that’s only about half the length of a bowling lane… Plus A Full Quarter Mile.

    1. CORRECTION: *EIGHTH* of a mile.
      Aka half a lap for an Olympic track and field event.
      Aka the length two football fields, including two end zones (not 4 or 0, depending on whether you’d normally count them or not)
      Not a big deal for most people if the weather is okay, but these are veterans presumably with health issues. They deserve to be treated better than this.

  10. The connect board led by Mike McCurdy is responsible for this. He is insensitive and a bully. Veterans, the disabled, and lower income would be better served with him removed from the board.

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