Send in a Social Worker?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Other than all Bloomington Police Officers, guess what these 23 have in common:

inj 1inj 2

inj 3  inj 4inj 5inj 6   inj 7  inj 8inj 9   inj 10     inj 11    inj 12    inj 13 inj 14      inj 15  inj 16   inj 17  inj 18    inj 19  inj 20    inj 21   inj 22    inj 23

The link above is to the Total Compensation report for last year.  See the column labeled “misc”.  Below is the description of the “misc” column:

wc police

Without a FOIA I can’t say every officer on this list received Worker’s Compensation, meaning they were INJURED on the job, but many received large amounts of money which couldn’t be anything but Worker’s Compensation.

These officers are trained, carry offensive weapons, and really want to go home when their shift ends – they still get injured.

What will happen to “social workers” responding to calls?

One Public Comment Monday night claimed police don’t need to do traffic stops.  See this story – a police officer was killed making a traffic stop:  Bothell-mourns-slain-police-officer-jonathan-shoop-killed-during-traffic-stop

Look at the Compensation list, there are lots of other Worker’s Compensation claims especially in the Fire Department.

Thank both if you see them today.

13 thoughts on “Send in a Social Worker?

  1. I’m not sure why they’re so worried about whether or not police NEED to make traffic stops when they don’t really make enough traffic stops to begin with. BloNo has speed limits; no one obeys them. 30 MPH really means at least 35, if not 38 or 40 MPH. BloNo has dozens of traffic control lights; very few care about stopping at red lights or paying any attention to them whatsoever. See the left turn from Main St. onto College Ave. in the mornings at approximately 8 AM.

    Since I don’t live in BloNo, but I do travel there daily to either go to the doctor or for working purposes, who would I call and leave messages to in Bloomington and Normal to let them know that I will stop coming to town to shop if they take away money from law enforcement? I know Stan Nord reads this blog, but is there anyone else I should directly contact?

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    1. The last thing we need is more traffic enforcement. Traffic enforcement isn’t about safety. It’s about revenue. As long as I see officers sitting running radar in 30 mph speed traps on four lane highways I will argue for cutting police budgets. Eighty-five percent of motorists drive at reasonable and prudent speeds and don’t need to be forced to drive slower at the point of a gun.


  2. Well we will probably have a Democratic mayor somewhere who will actually start sending social workers in place of police officers.

    How long will it be before a social worker is brutally killed during one of these leftist interventions?

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  3. Do the police still allow ride-alongs? Would be interesting for some of the advocates and social workers to see first hand how a domestic violence call plays out. They’re kidding themselves if they think these situations can be handled and diffused by a social worker. I think they’re assuming that people are rational in these situations and can be counseled in that moment. Pretty sure that’s not the case.

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    1. One of my relatives was considering having a police career. He went on a ride-a-long and immediately change his mind. It takes a special person to be willing to serve in this capacity.

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  4. Curious – Is there a list of “social workers” who are volunteering to fill this responsibility of the police? Or is this a theory? Or classroom idea?

    Seems like this idea came from the same place as the “let’s negotiate with looters” ideas of both Koos and Renner who decided to go to the looting locations and talk to the looters about their demands to resolve the looting. Both mayors thought showing up to the looting sites in-person was a good idea, but in reality it was not a good idea at all – both of these men could have been hurt or even worse.


  5. The social work professional organization is fully in the extreme liberal camp. Nasw and their university organizations send huge sums of money to the dems and are a major mover of social justice issues. Hint… they are also a bunch of loons!


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