McLean County Health Department doesn’t know

By: Diane Benjamin

I filed a FOIA request before this story came out, but it proves why the data is important:

A lady from Springfield died, this statement was in her obituary:

I didn’t redact her name because the story is all over Facebook.

I’m sure her family is devastated, but how can they put that statement in the media? If she died of COVID her vaccine didn’t work! Maybe she was infected by another vaccinated person who also got COVID. Israel had 80% of their population vaccinated and close to zero cases per day, but now cases have skyrocketed again:

The FOIA I filed was for the number of deaths in McLean County of COVID in vaccinated people – starting 6/1/2021.

This was the response:

Ms. Benjamin, Thank you for contacting us. You can access our historical data related to COVID at . We have the number of vaccine’s given, but we do not track the vaccination status of those who are deceased or active cases. IDPH might better be able to assist you. 

Amy Brooke

The link doesn’t work, wherever she intended to post is likely a link on this page:

I filed a FOIA today with IDPH for not only the number of vaccinated deaths since 6/1/2021, but also the number of breakthrough cases.

After 18 months of COVID, facts should matter. We are only told to get vaccinated, immunity from surviving COVID is immaterial even though lots of reports say it is better. Treatments aren’t tested and many hospitals won’t used drugs that have been shown to work by doctors who think for themselves.

My FOIA will show if IDPH actually has facts, Pritzker uses their data for his executive orders.

In case you didn’t know, IDPH is the Illinois Department of Public Health.








21 thoughts on “McLean County Health Department doesn’t know

  1. Depending on the vaccination, she was around 95 percent covered against COV-19. According to the CDC: “People with moderately to severely compromised immune systems should receive an additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine after the initial 2 doses.” AND “If you have a condition or are taking medications that weaken your immune system, you may not be fully protected even if you are fully vaccinated. You should continue to take all precautions recommended for unvaccinated people until advised otherwise by your healthcare provider.” So Ms. Ayes was more than likely had a compromised immune system. And yes, she was more than likely infected by someone who was unvaccinated.

    Springfield has 54.23 percentage vaccinated, which is below herd immunity. McLean County has 53.18 percent vaccinated also not good enough for herd immunity. So, yes, the vaccine work to an extent in certain situations where there is high enough percentage vaccinated. Vaccines only work if everyone who can be vaccinated IS vaccinated. If someone decides to not get vaccinated, then people like Ms Ayes are at risk. Others at risk are children under 12 and those who also can’t be vaccinated. It’s important for everyone to get vaccinated to stop variants and to build up herd immunity.


    1. Really? I write a comment that’s accurate about the pandemic and you think I’m sonehow a NAZI? No wonder there is so much misinformation flooding around the internet about COV-19. Medical information is presented and is shouted down as NAZI propaganda? Perhaps you need to go to the library and read books that present real Medicine and science information not rumors and quackery.


      1. It’s laughable that some ppl believe 100% of the medical information is accurate 100% of the time, that there could never be an incentive for medical “experts” to misrepresent data or be flat out wrong when billions of dollars are at stake.

        Maybe you can explain why these headlines were in the news, if everything was being done honestly and accurately by the medical cartel:

        Pfizer fined $2.3 billion for illegal marketing in off-label drug case – Sept 2, 2009
        GlaxoSmithKline settles healthcare fraud case for $3 billion – July 2, 2012
        Sanofi settles 4-year legal battle over Genzyme drug for $315M
        Merck Agrees to Settle Vioxx Suits for $4.85 Billion – Nov 9, 2007

        U.S. Judge Finds Medical Group Conspired Against Chiropractors
        During the proceedings, it was shown that the AMA attempted to:
        – Undermine Chiropractic schools
        – Undercut insurance programs for Chiropractic patients
        – Conceal evidence of the effectiveness of Chiropractic care
        – Subvert government inquiries into the effectiveness of Chiropractic care
        – Promote other activities that would control the monopoly that the AMA had on healthcare

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  2. Diane, the first thing I’d question is the death certificate!  It’s been on national news for months now that many death certs.have Covid listed EVEN THOUGH it may have been a secondary, or even a third “Contributory” reason.

    Further, I agree…… where is THEIR science to back up this ‘claim’!?  Since she had her vaccination(s) and died just under 6 months later, then hmmmmmm….does that mean those vaccine shots DIDN’T WORK?  I seriously doubt that.  Again, I go back to the death cert; does it actually state “Cause of Death” as Covid or, is it listed as a Contributory factor. We don’t know.

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  3. I have no proof, but I have hunch the shots they are giving ppl actually cause the disease. That would explain why we are seeing more ppl getting sick, especially those who have gotten the shots. The video below sounds like a confession by Fauci of what is really happening now:

    It’s the same thing with flu shots. I have never gotten a flu shot, and rarely have gotten the flu, However, other ppl I know who get flu shots have ended getting the flu. Maybe we should stop the nonsense with all of these shots, so we can make a scientific observation whether or not we are better off with or without the shots. Of course, this will never happen, because Big Pharma isn’t about to give up their cash cow.

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  4. How sad and pathetic that the people who wrote/approved this obituary — and I assume they were family to have authority to do so — would use their recently passed family member, not even cold in the ground, for their political propaganda. Harsh? Oh, I’m not done. I would point the finger at THEM for wreckless homicide. First, by propagating the “safe & effective” lie; also, logically deducing that they are orthodox “covidians” of the first order and have received every experimental injection available to them, by THEIR physical contact with the deceased. Who knows what lethal particles they shed on the poor woman? They certainly don’t. But with possessed people like this, any lie or accusation will justify the end — even accusing nameless, faceless people who have never been near their relative, of murder. I’m not having these ignorant people. NOT. HAVING. THEM.

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  5. The majority of deaths are those with co-morbidity, especially obesity. But no one ever says, maybe we should do more to take care of our own health so that when our bodies are stressed they can respond.

    Is it just easier, does it feel better, to blame someone else? Especially if you can blame someone you already don’t like?

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  6. My 85 y.o. mother got the 1st Pfizer on July 1. Sunday July 4th she was admitted to the hospital supposedly pneumonia related. Thursday Jul 22 she received her second jab and Sunday July 25 was back in the hospital again. Maybe a coincidence, don’t really know. I could have sworn the ER doctor said they had seen similar cases. Then again Aug 7th admitted again. This time the ER doctor said the chest x-ray had a fluffy image. The hospital doctor she thought it looked like COVID with the shattered glass x-ray image. So I said do the extended COVID test to verify. At that point they put her in isolation.

    I was really worried it was COVID. You see the news stories but when it happens to you it can really hit home. I thought if she had COVID the only place she could have gotten it was most likely from unvaccinated hospital staff. Further calls to a lawyer led me to our Democrat Governor’s illustrious move to exempt health care facilities from being sued. That included not only COVID cases but other cases. No lawyer except one law firm in Chicago would take cases. WGLT did a story on this specifically one guy wanting to sue (not COVID) but because of what the Governor did he couldn’t find any lawyer to take his case.

    My mother’s test came back negative and they continued to give her antibiotics and finally released.

    I heard a hospital COVID case is like a money maker for them with all of the government reimbursement. I don’t know but it seems like hospital COVID cases get priority. Maybe just my perception.

    Honestly in my opinion I think our medical field doesn’t know everything about COVID like they pretend to so to speak. Just look at the ongoing debate about a booster. Just today I read if you got the jab early when it first started you are more likely prone to getting COVID even though they are vaccinated.

    I sympathize with the family for their loss. Seriously China needs to pay the price by having their bio labs nuked so that this doesn’t ever happen again. Next time it may be even worse.

    I did read sometime earlier this year some drug company was working on a pill you could take if you got COVID. Strange how that sort of disappeared.

    FYI I deleted my Facebook account. Seems they didn’t care for my comment #HypocritsGala with AOC flaunting her “Tax the Rich” dress while she swoons all over a Seagram’s millionaire heir. Go figure! Where’s the mask? I mean at a Halloween costume gala ball one should be wearing a mask. Right?

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      1. ENTIRELY too much “strangeness” and I’m seriously getting FED UP with it all. I totally agree with the above poster Marc and his suggestion of nuking all the CCP’s bio labs. They’ve been infecting the world with their deadly viruses for generations (long before their recent “bio” labs) and I will not be at all surprised when other deadly virus ‘escape’ from THAT country in the future.


  7. Just a few additional thoughts on the comment in the obituary.

    The whole point of giving someone a vaccine is to prevent that person from getting sick with a particular disease. I don’t know where this silly notion comes from that 100% of a population has to be vaccinated, in order for a vaccine to be effective. (It’s the same nonsense that everyone has to wear a mask, in order for a mask to be effective for each mask wearer.) The vaccine (or mask) is supposed to protect the recipient (or wearer), regardless or in spite of what everyone else is doing.

    The fact that this lady got her shots and ended up in the hospital and subsequently dying simply means the shots didn’t work for her. Instead of criticizing ppl who didn’t get the shots, her family should be criticizing the maker of the vaccine, or suing the maker of the vaccine. Oh wait, the vaccine manufacturers realized their products are a health hazard and sometimes cause permanent harm, even death. So, they bribed Congress to exempt them from product liability lawsuits. (Isn’t that an excellent way to boost public confidence in your products?)

    At the start of the planned demic, the goal of developing a vaccine was to prevent ppl from getting covid. At some point–I think shortly after the rollout of the shots began–that goal changed to the shots wouldn’t keep ppl from getting covid, but would reduce the odds of (not guarantee) getting sick enough to require hospitalization and dying from covid. What we really need to see are the numbers for those who got the shots and who later got sick with covid. How many required hospitalization, and how many ended up dying from covid? This will tells us how beneficial it is to get the shots.

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  8. The following text comes from a Youtube video that was posted on Aug 16, 21:

    “Many health experts don’t think that COVID-19 vaccine boosters are needed right now for the general public. This is because the current two-dose series is enough to prevent hospitalization and premature death due to COVID. However, they do recognize what boosters can do to select population groups, including those with weaker immune systems. But, there are several unknowns like side effects and effectiveness.”

    “For now, the use of boosters will continue for those who didn’t respond properly to the standard two dose regimen.”

    My conclusions:

    1. The two dose series obviously didn’t work for this lady.
    2. It’s possible this lady was in the select population group of ppl with weaker immune systems.
    3. Maybe a booster would have prevented her hospitalization and premature death, but nobody knows whether or not the booster would have been effective for her, either.
    4. Since she obviously didn’t respond properly to the two dose regimen, now we’ll give her a booster.

    It seems some ppl are expecting a guarantee to come with these shots. The reality is, it’s a crapshoot. When you get these shots, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for whatever health outcomes you experience afterwards.

    Link to the video:

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