The Chemberly Chronicles

By: Diane Benjamin

The three second clip I posted earlier this week of Chemberly Cummings throwing Martin Luther King under the bus is from the June 1, 2020 Council meeting. Her entire speech is below as well as Karyn Smith’s tearful response and Chris Koos stating we have to agree with Chemberly’s lived experience.

No we don’t.

Chemberly stated that color blindness is racist. She wants judged on the color of her skin so she can be a victim. Chemberly has a college education, a good job at State Farm, has twice been elected to the Normal Town Council, but she is very oppressed – in her opinion.

If systemic racism actually existed, there would be no successful people of color!

Do I need to list all those that are successful?

Chemberly: Can we judge the brawlers at BHS on the content of their character or should we stick with the color of their skin? Should parents just accept threats to their children’s safety because those throwing punches are victims of some unknown force?

The civil rights movement that led to great success in judging people on the content of their character instead of the color of their skin means nothing to Cummings. She is using Critical Race Theory to justify her Marxist religion. She expects no push back on her statements because Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can not be questioned in her world. Even if the goal posts keep moving, nothing uttered by Social Justice Warriors can be challenged. They expect people to sit down and shut up because this is their reality.

Yes, I threw in all the “buzz” words because they all stem from the same place: Karl Marx and a guy you may have never heard of – Antonio Gramsci. He was an Italian Marxist that promoted Marxist culture. Do the research yourself.

With the blessing of the Town of Normal and your tax dollars, Cummings is going to promote her religion by creating young activists. Remember, her “class” culminates in going to Springfield to lobby? Do the kids get to pick what they will lobby on or is Cummings going to tell them? Is Chemberly really trying to build an army to help her run again for Springfield rep – using your tax dollars?

See those details in this story:

Only kids at Normal Community, Normal West, and U-High are invited to apply. Who does that leave out? All high school students attending private Christian schools. Was that on purpose Chemberly, or did Pam Reece make the rules? I’m sure some of them live in Normal and have parents who pay taxes in Normal!

Three schools not included are Cavalry Christian Academy (located in Normal), Central Catholic, and Cornerstone. Is Normal discriminating against Christians now by excluding their students living in Normal?

Cultural Marxism is a religion, the evidence is that beliefs can’t questioned or you will be called a racist. Racist is a worn out word that has become meaningless. I refuse to believe in victimhood ideology because of “feelings”. I watched a long conversation that Cummings had with Nikita Richard at least a year ago. Many of the microaggressions mentioned weren’t racism, it’s called life.

See the 2nd video below, this pic is from it. It proves where victimhood ideology has been used throughout history to eliminate opposition for tyrants. It isn’t very long but is REALLY good.

Cummings wants us to believe she has a a special access to truth, we do not have to buy her “superiority of the oppressed” ideology. She wants people to know the Target looters were victims of racism. I will continue to judge people on the content of their character, we must or this ideology isn’t going to end well.

Watch the video of her entire speech, then Karyn Smith and the Chris Koos’ response. Want to see bobbleheads at work? Watch the others too.

16 thoughts on “The Chemberly Chronicles

  1. I can guarantee you that if Stan Nord would have gone off on a tirade like this, Koos would have cut him off before he even started. But, when it’s the Royal Fortress, it’s “very well said.”

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  2. lets see 1964 as I was leaving Urbana junior high I was jumped by 3 females and got the crap beat out of me as at the time i was just a scrawny little white kid. I say white kid because the females were black. Did I grow up hating blacks because of this, hell no I had parents that taught me not to hate and right along with that you do not judge people by the color of their skin. How sad that we have those that are successful and happen to be minority teach that white people are all racist. I judge people on their character not the color of their skin. People like
    Chemberly are a disgrace to their heritage I can only hope that their are people of color that see through her ignorance. What is going on in our high schools today as well as violence on our streets unfortunately is going to continue because of the people like Chemberly.

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  3. Well, we are RID of Jenn, and her garbage mouth, NOW we have BS uptown (lower case) to “promote” this kind of HATRED, A SPADE is a SPADE No matter WHAT the CARD GAME. She wants to call COLOR. Well, Let’s look at some ISSUES!! Since WHEN is ONE color better then another? -That’s racist. Since WHEN is ONE PERSON better then another? That’s INEquity. Since WHEN is preaching that I”m “victimized” because I’m a person of color acceptable? That’s FAVORITISM. And since WHEN do we have to even listen, believe, follow or acknowledge this kind of OPPRESSIVE thinking?? You’re only OPPRESSED IF you want to make everyone else THINK and feel bad bad about themselves-that’s OPPRESSION!
    Kimmie, it’s HIGH TIME you get off your hobby horse and suck it up buttercup! Otherwise STAY OFF my playground, and that’s REALITY!

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    1. I noticed she said she was discriminated against at her at state farm job. Wonder if she got a settlement? If so. Wonder if she’s not supposed to mention this as a part of a possible settlement. Just wonder. Nothing more.


      1. She wasn’t discriminated at her job. She’s a piece of crap employee and always looking to take the easy way out. A whiny little baby.


  4. Koos is just paying lip service in all of this. He’s doing the politically expedient thing to do. In the last election he endorsed McCathy, of course, but he also had to support his friend AJ Zimmerman because he thought Chemberly wouldn’t run. She almost didn’t make it. But, when she did Koos had to support her because she’s black and he didn’t want to risk being a racist. So, Scott Preston got thrown under the bus by Koos.

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    1. Preston thrown under the bus…HARDLY…he bows to Koos and votes as he is told. Koos didn’t care which of the Democrats or RINOs won. He knew either would vote how he ordered. After Preston was elected he loyally voted for Koos’ legacy Underpass and for Koos’s buddies the Hile-Broads to open a bar inside Il Soldiers and Sailors Park against the overwhelming outcry from the neighborhood.

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      1. Correct! But, my point was no matter how loyal you are to Koos, he’ll throw you under the bus in a heartbeat to save himself politically. Preston’s loyalty to Koos is Preston’s attempt to win back Koos’ favor. It’s also proof Scott Preston is a Rhino, a Dan Brady empty suit.


  5. It’s sad to watch a former leader of men in combat (Koos) attempt to somehow, thru approving and sympathetic nodding of his head , ‘validate’ Chemberly’s pathetic , midwidwit tier level Lived Experiences , such as they are. 🙄

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  6. WHEN and WHERE was koos in combat? Does he have ANY field badges to PROVE this? I’m thinking he served, and that’s the gist of it. REAL COMBAT VETERANS really don’t say much as “Saving Private Ryan” is like reading “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” to them. They LIVED graphic. My late father always said that “body detail” was the WORST job he ever did, and I believe him. More rocks in the box George!…


    1. Koos IS the real deal, PLT LDR in VN , I or II Corps – he is very modest about it – he will always have my respect for that. ✅🇺🇸


  7. is there racism in State Farm? Don’t know I don’t work there but I have heard some state farm managers comment that if job performance is an issue and they address the employee with the issue and that person happens to be a person of color the race card is sometimes used you are picking on me because of the color of my skin. How often does that happen, don’t know but something to think about if you hear that state farm is a racist company.

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