Chemberly’s activist training

By: Diane Benjamin

Training future progressive democrats with your tax dollars:

12 thoughts on “Chemberly’s activist training

  1. Participants are required to Lobby in Springfield…Cummings chooses what side of the political issue they lobby…this is funded with our tax dollars…how can this possibly be a legal use of tax dollars?

    This is using tax dollars to get Cummings more exposure and votes for her upcoming state rep run.

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  2. – Very low GPA requirement. Why wouldn’t they want the best and the brightest.
    – Must attend all sessions, but can miss two. Which is it? Odd.
    – Background check? On minors? Are they checking for a criminal history, or a history of BLM, Antifa, Marxist activism? More points if arrested for looting?
    – Letter of recommendation? From adult BLM, Antifa, Marxist activists?
    – Huge waste of our tax money.
    – Chemberley stinks at EXTEMPORANEOUS Speech. If she ever speaks publicly, she will have to do so with a prepared speech. Have you ever heard her try to contribute at Town Council meetings? Epic failure of infinite magnitude. Painful to watch. Cringe worthy!


    1. Also keep in mind that a 2.25 now is about like 1.00 or lower 20-30 years ago, I know kids who get As in reading in like 4th-5th grade who can barely read at a 1st or 2nd grade level and God forbid they read aloud, it’s excruciating to listen to. All they can do is sound out words (if that). The comprehension level is a total mess sometimes too, they can NOT even get the basic intent in some instances. It is sad, but it is reality.

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  3. I don’t support using municipal government resources for these activities but really, where is the equity? Only Unit 5 and U-High students can participate but “mentors” are drawn from ISU, HCC, & IWU? Come-on, she can do better than that to support inclusion…

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  4. If Nord was pushing this Reece and Day and the council bobble heads would be screaming ethical and legal violations. For the Town to fund and coordinate this Pam Reece is showing she is not afraid to use her position to force Democrat politics with our tax dollars. Why should she worry, she is paid $250k a year and can walk away at any minute with a pension that eclipses all but the 1%ers.

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  5. Chemberly’s program is nothing more than democrat propaganda at the expense of taxpayers. They are indoctrinating youth and mandating they participate in lobbying for democrat issues — more woke agendas. When will the Council stand up to this nonsense? Only when more like Stan Nord are elected. The bobbleheads can’t see through the propaganda and are definitely part of it.

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