Fly on the wall: Unit 5

Flying around I just heard Unit 5 (North West) is COVID testing kids and doing vaccinations. Did the parents consent?

Nobody under 30 in McLean County has died of COVID:

I wonder if taxpayers will be forced to pay for any damages:

13 thoughts on “Fly on the wall: Unit 5

  1. They are doing SHIELD testing which tests healthy kids regularly to see if they have Covid. This is supposed to be with parental consent. However they are not doing Test to Stay which would allow coast contact traced students to stay as long as their tests remain negative. Their policies are designed to kick more kids out of school instead of allowing more kids to stay. Unit 5 has no remote learning for quarantined students. Quarantine students are not marked absent even if the parent requests. They are marked remote learning even though there is no remote learning Unit 5 failed.

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  2. Children are being used as leverage to make things so difficult on parents that parents will have no choice but do whatever the district says. It is conditioning kids to unquestionably comply with the government. The full impact of this will be disastrous when these kids become young adults and have to make decisions on their own. They will be incapable and look to the government for answers.

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    1. Schools have had the right to mandate vaccines for Years. You can’t send a kid to kindergarten without proof of basic inoculations.


  3. The world that we live in has always been tainted with evil. Unfortunately at this point evil has gained power and in doing so their nefarious intentions are rearing it’s ugly head. As you succumbed to the lies and the pressure to “do the right thing” you were led to by those who have no remorse. You like millions of others have been betrayed. Wake up, get real and do your damnest not to let it happen again and warn others as you go. Good luck with your journey through medical tyranny.

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    1. Medical tyranny is exactly what it is and the old “it’s JUST” was used to the max with people who actually TRUST these people like Gates, and Fauci and Biden and the rest of them – and “the science” which is only the “science” that they approve while censoring and destroying anyone who proves them wrong or offers other solutions. Biden let it slip today that there WILL be more pandemics – they’ve got them in the chute ready for release. As a thing I saw on a Canadian site today said – “It’s too late to wake up the sheep. It’s time to gather the Lions”. I have to admit a few years ago I never thought it would be the Medical tyranny weapon that they would pull out – but, here we are, but first they had to get their victims good and scared with the 24/7 propaganda of fear. They will not stop until they are stopped.

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  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I have been noticing a LOT of people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s dying lately, and I know for a fact some had NO previous histories of severe issues, some did, such as overweight (a lot) and diabetic, and severe asthma, those are just the ones I know either personally or through someone else, maybe ones I don’t have any info on did have other problems or a history of health issues, there just seems to be an awful lot more than usual. The other thing I don’t know except for 3 of them who did is whether or not they’ve been shot up with the frankenshot. Maybe their bodies and Mr. Enay (MRNA) had a bad falling out and Mr Enay won. I just don’t know, but it has me wondering.


  5. I think many of us that got vaccinated are now regretting it. I am probably like most that got it to protect others in their family sphere and to make life in general easier. We did the “right thing” and now are still being punished. Fortunately, I work in an area that sees the real numbers locally. What the state and federal government is doing is just beyond comprehension.
    I spent sometime with family that live a bit closer to Chicagoland that we do. I was shocked at their perception of this, their willingness to wear a mask all the time and just their overall views. These are people that a year or so ago I would say would align more with my beliefs. These are smart, educated people that have been brainwashed into believing what we are being told.
    Everyone keeps saying it’s time to wake up the lions, yet I see nothing happening besides keyboard warriors. No protests, no marches, no anything…….

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    1. There are a few here and there, the fact that places around here don’t seem near as Draconian with the mask rules is a good sign and I see quite a few open faced people around far more than the last time Jelly issued a decree. I know what you mean though, nothing like London or several places in France along with some other countries.

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  6. Keyboard warriors are very important as the opposition actually employs them, so keep on. Speaking for myself and most likely many others, the lion will strike when the time is right without announcing the plan or the the timeframe.

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  7. Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right. OMG say it ain’t so! You mean those people that analyzed available information and connected the dots as the CIA coined the term and labeled as nut cases to deflect the truth. OMG did the CIA lie to me? Did my government allow this? Were they complicit, were they involved? Yep, damned skippy they were. They are and many of them know no other way. Remember when the internet was the information hiway but now if it’s on the net you can’t believe it? Think! Get on the net and explore. Look for the real news. Look and see what is going on in the world around us. Read alot, think hard, think critically. Explore the source. If it sounds like bs it probably is. But be ready to understand if it’s all (or in parts) starting to make some sense to you now then explore further and seek truth. The truth is out there but those in power don’t want you to know any of it as it makes it harder if not impossible to control you. As WIllaim Wallace (Braveheart) hollered out as he was about to be beheaded, “FREEDOM!” is what it’s all about. Freedom to choose, freedom to live,,,and as duly noted in the Declaration of Indepencdence, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. God Bless America!

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    1. All anyone would need, I would think anyway, was Biden saying how the vaccinated need to be protected from the UN-Vaccinated and your brain should go “Uh, WHAT???” Their brains are mush from watching the 24/7/365 fear porn and the lie after lie that they have been fed. It’s gonna be very hard to shake them out of their obedient to the king mindset. They are worse than serfs. Plus, they really ARE scared.

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