Koos privileges

By: Diane Benjamin

I actually heard this story from two readers.

Chris Koos had a small hole in the street right in front of his driveway. He not only got the hole fixed, but the entire approach to his driveway was torn out.

One reader told me the sidewalk in front of his house was replaced but it left the approach 2″ lower than the sidewalk. Normal sent a guy out after a lady walking her dog twisted her ankle soon after the sidewalk reopened. He said the approach should be replaced, it never was.

I was also told the road was closed for two days for the Koos repair.

This pic shows the fixed hole:

When this pic was taken the approach had been torn out but not yet fixed:

I think I will file a FOIA!







11 thoughts on “Koos privileges

  1. So the town employees replace the approach in addition to the hole and do such a poor job that they have to replace the approach again? So who does the women sue the town or Koos?

  2. Driven thru Normal lately? There’s holes in ALL the streets, especially west College and going toward CT garage.

  3. WONDER if any of the Normal “smarty smarts” were listening to their favorite radio station last night? WGLT had a WHOLE HOUR about how in ONE DECADE the US has gone from having some of the BEST infrastructure to being one of the worst in the world.. You know-Bridges, Ports, Roads, Shipping channels, pipelines, SEWERS, etc.. Funny how these “smarty smart” folks can support this station, but NOT follow the content, guess being a bobble head makes one shake out ANY good information.

  4. That was basically WHY the reason that was given. The Democrats BELIEVE that we SHOULD spend $3 TRILLLION to fix EVERYTHING, but they blame the Republicans for stalling, and trying to cut it down to just a TRILLION.
    IF EVERY state got a part of $3 Trillion, I’d invest in shovels, as every Matejka “boy” would be out there leaning on one, and NOTHING getting done. So WHY spend $3, when $1 will give then a “shovel leaning job”.

  5. Try driving through Savannah Green subdivision. It was so poorly planned and the garbage trucks regularly cause issues with the alleys where there are bricks of cement with water under them that move back and forth as you drive over them. Whenever we complain of the bad streets they repair a 9×9 square and leave all the rest of the holes, misaligned pavement, etc.

  6. The question is whether Koos is getting treated differently. I have crap roads in front of my house and sidewalk that is uneven. The town refused to do anything unless I paid for half.

  7. THAT IS the general policy in Bloomington! 50/50 IF you want your sidewalk repaired. Just call J. G. stewart and ask them, as they do a lot of the sidewalk work.

  8. Mean while over in Bloomington the ongoing dispute between KFC on Prospect near Schnucks and the city must not be resolved. One person there told me the approach into KFC (all torn to ****) they wanted the city to replace. Supposedly the city said no KFC should pay for it.

    I thought maybe the city was going to resurface Prospect from Eastland Drive north to Empire because I saw work being done on drainage grates. So far nothing.

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