Just the facts: China Corona virus

By:  Diane Benjamin

Skip the media hysteria and get Illinois information directly from the the Department of Public Health:    https://dph.illinois.gov/topics-services/diseases-and-conditions/diseases-a-z-list/coronavirus

dph stat

The page is updated daily, this is from yesterday.  Note the death rate is less than 1%.

The site has an interactive map showing cases by County, most of Illinois has few or no cases.  McLean County shows 6.  Illinois didn’t do a targeted response

i 80 cases

The McLean County Health Department also has stats, they show 7 cases, but the number of tests completed may not be correct – see note below:


mclean testing

Moody’s credit outlook:

moody state

Illinois has a weak financial position because Springfield refuses to fix the pension problem.  Not targeting the outbreak made it worse.  

6 thoughts on “Just the facts: China Corona virus

  1. Expected Koos quote when questioned about why he is still forging forward with all the Upitty town spending with the slashed tax revenues and a struggling population. “In uncertain times like these it is even more important for us to complete the Underpass and Trail East. It will give current and future citizens of Normal the visual reminder that the Uptown utopia is the most important thing we can accomplish…Come look out the manager or mayor’s office window to understand the value of this utopia.”

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  2. Lots of info being gathered by the thinking people, the real Americans. TIme to get on the phone to your representatives. Start with those that will listen to build momentum. Call them, write them, let the campaign begin. As they say, the numbers don’t lie,,,especially the real numbers. All the hysteria has started with the looney left. Time to fight back. This shutdown is unwarranted and bringing on nothing but bad news for all of America and the world.

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  3. And old “Jelly Belly” has NOT helped the situation ANY either! Nor has “Korona Koos” or ” Tyrant Tari”
    As I stated before, you have a BETTER chance of getting hit by lightning!


  4. Most if not all of the counties with confirmed cases have one thing in common, incoming airline flights. The feds should have stopped all incoming airline flights back in Dec. Too late now.

    What is scary is one cruise liner the CDC said the virus lived beyond 2 weeks on surfaces.

    Yesterday morning I listened to the WJBC call to the woman in quarantine. My gawd what an airhead she sounded like. Traveled to Portugal and when coming back it sounded like she didn’t self quarantine herself. Just another idiot out spreading it around in my opinion. Why no telling how many people she exposed.


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