The crumbling backbone of our Government – Public Trust

Many of you have asked why crimes by government officials aren’t prosecuted.  Reason:  Government refuses to prosecute them.  Kirk Allen provides plenty of examples.

Reprinted from Kirk Allen – Edgar County Watchdogs

Public Trust – (ECWd) –

Part of our Constitutional Rights is due process.  That due process is the foundation of protecting our rights and the first step that gets exercised in pursuit of protection of our rights.  When our local, state, and federal officials ignore our calls for the applicable authorities to do their job, investigate crimes, the most basic level of our due process rights are lost and the result; Public Trust is Lost.

For years we have been publishing articles exposing government officials at all levels who violate our laws, lie, cheat, and steal for their own gain. The vast majority never getting even a sniff from the police or prosecutors even though the evidence is overwhelming.

National problem?

Just three days ago it was revealed there is a secret recording of the Intelligence Chairman warning donors about Coronavirus 3 weeks ago.  ProPublica reported on Thursday that Sen. Burr sold off up to $1.56 million in stock on February 13th, as he was reassuring the public about coronavirus preparedness. At the time, Burr and the Intelligence Committee were receiving daily briefings about COVID-19.”  Public trust is lost.

When the public trust is gone, the people ignore what they are told.  In most cases that will have little impact on people’s lives.  Not believing a public official has become a way of life.  However, during an emergency, the impact of that lost trust could be detrimental to both our Freedom and our life.

How can we trust our government officials in a time of an emergency when they have ignored the cries of the people to investigate crimes of public officials, refused to enforce our laws, and allowed public sector criminals to flourish with little to no accountability?

During the current declared national emergency, our public officials need to understand the reason so many are reluctant to take them seriously as it relates to the China virus “COVID-19”, Public trust is lost.

It’s not just a national problem.

March of 2018 we filed an OIG complaint against then-Governor Bruce Rauner.  That complaint was punted to who?  The OIG for the Illinois Auditor General’s office, you know the same Auditor General the courts said had 15 years of campaign finance violations.  They closed the case citing it was not within their authority to investigate as their investigation powers are restricted to the Office of Auditor General. The result, the original complaint never gets investigated.  Public Trust is lost.

When we busted out the story on Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino, the news traveled fast and swift and even the federal authorities began a criminal investigation.  Frank Mautino invoked his 5th amendment rights and to date, over 4 years have past and not a peep on the criminal investigation.   Three and a half years after breaking the story, the courts confirmed 15 years of campaign finance violations.  House Speaker Mike Madigan has blocked the Resolution from coming to a vote to remove Mautino from Office.  Frank Mautino is still Illinois State Auditor General.  Public trust is lost.

The problem is on steroids at the local level.

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  1. What happens when public trust is lost? All one has to do is look at Chinese (interestingly enough) history.
    It is called the Chinese dynastic cycle. New dynasty, gradual separation of private and government sectors, different rules and standards occur for the two classes and then revolution and a new dynasty. Not pretty but true.

  2. Wow, this sounds like the perfect time time to give absolute control to the mayor…It is a wonder people are furious about Koos demanding absolute power over his subjects. What a jacka$$.

  3. Although the FRench take a LOT of grief about NOT being fighters, NOW is a GOOD TIME to look up WHAT Bastille Day was ABOUT!

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