As Seen on Facebook + some fun

By:  Diane Benjamin

True socialists.  They were never taught everybody isn’t guaranteed equal outcomes.  People who develop talents worth more earn more.  Systemic injustice exists only in the brain of those expecting compensation inconsistent with their abilities.  This is why the Bloomington City Council should disregard Jenn’s demands.  Her goal is forcing socialism, not personal responsibility. 

socialist Jenn

Two videos to make you smile:

7 thoughts on “As Seen on Facebook + some fun

  1. EVERYONE should see Jenn for what she REALLY is-a rabble rouser, nothing more! IF she were paid on her merit and ability, well, hard to say, but something in the line of cleaning “muck buckets” comes to mind..

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  2. I would like to debate her on any subject. She has no business in government or anywhere near any kind of leadership position. I do wonder just exactly how dumb the people are who elected her? They are the problem…

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