COVID vrs Shutdown deaths

By: Diane Benjamin

See all of the McLean County Justice Committee reports here:

More people in McLean County have died of suicide, drugs, and alcohol since March 2020 than have died of COVID.

June 2020 1 suicide – 1 Drug overdose – 1 alcohol and 1 drug vehicle death

May 2020 1 suicide – 2 drug overdoses

April 2020 2 suicides – 2 drug overdoses

March 2020 5 suicides – 2 drug overdoses

That totals 18 deaths

Only 16 have died of COVID.

Is the cure killing more people

than the disease?

It is certainly killing people’s ability to make a living!

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4 thoughts on “COVID vrs Shutdown deaths

  1. As they send portable testing sites to all of the small towns trying to increase their numbers (they are looking for asymptomatic carriers, who are not sick), the death rate drops lower and lower. Hmm, small towns are having in person classes. Is this why they are sending out the sites?

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