Finally the truth

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve been hearing for week about COVID cases raging in other countries among the VACCINATED.

Our media claims cases are the fault of the unvaccinated. Finally the truth comes out:


I’m still waiting for the truth about those hospitalized. In Israel the majority are vaccinated.

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  1. Big “Science” needs to do more extensive thorough research on these vaccines. They’re being pushed on us too rapidly only concerned about the money coming in. I’ve been vaccinated, but have been exposed to my grandson who tested positive last week. I’ll probably be tested next week during my doctor’s appointment. Ron 

    1. For those getting tested and receiving a positive test result, please ask the question about FALSE positives. If you test positive and are not sick, odds are the test results are a false positive. Who wants to be quarantined needlessly when there is absolutely no health problem? We need more transparency about testing, because PCR testing returns a high percentage of false positives, but the medical elites are not talking about that. It’s also the positive test results that the state uses to tally Number of Cases, which is used to scare the public and justify mask wearing and other nonsense restrictions on our rights in an allegedly free country.

  2. Notice how the Delta variant was announced shortly after roll out of the shots? I have a copy of the official list of future variants and the dates they will be announced to the public. This is further evidence of a planned demic. People need to stop watching the liars at CNN, NIAID, CDC and WHO who are pushing the elitist agenda and start listening to experts who are not controlled by the medical cabal. These include Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, retired British Dr. Vernon Coleman, and Dr. Pam Popper to name a few. Due to Google censorship, you will need to go to or or to find uncensored videos.

    1. The quote from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men often comes to mind for me these days when it comes to the rank and file citizenry “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” I wish I knew how to awaken them from their media induced hypnosis, because right now, I am 100% sure that many simply can not, handle the truth. I keep wondering how much more will it take – Oh and on another note fully vaccinated, very fit, Oscar de la Hoya was hospitalized with covid and he has had a VERY rough time of it.

  3. I know a few families that only the vaccinated got covid and none of the unvaccinated got it. I think we were duped. A little vaccination regret here.

  4. It’s been a scam from day one, still is. Follow the money and it will lead you to the mad scientists at the wheel.

    1. 100% it’s been a scam since day one. They count on people slavishly nodding their woolly heads and believing whatever they are spoon fed by the mass media. People don’t know all of the top dogs involved in this travesty/tragedy, they have no idea about people like Klaus Schwab and his little book called Covid 19 The Great Reset (among others), they have no concept of Event 201 where they rehearsed how this thing would be handled and play out, they have no inkling of things like Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and Agenda 50 they have never seen Bill Gates giddy with delight talking about how vaccines will help cull the herd and help depopulate the earth, they don’t know that these top dogs refer to THEM as “useless eaters”, they don’t know a thing about anything to be perfectly honest they just say “wear your mask!” and the like and line up for their free injections. They know NOTHING about people like Fauci, that wizened little gremlin of death and his long history in horrendous outcomes in other countries and instead sing his praises. I truly despair at times but something still tells me that the truth IS going to come out, somehow, and hopefully sooner rather than later, when it’s really too late.

  5. How many of those who are vaccinated are dying? None who are elsewise healthy. Being vaccinated protects a person from being hospitalized or dying. All. The positive COV-19 cases are mild to asymptomatic. Sorry those who are dying from the pandemic are those who are not vaccinated.Also if you want to use a dewormer meant for horses and cattle you deserve what happens to you.

      1. Maybe you should do some research yourself. Inhibits respiratory syndrome? I would hope so, that’s the point of the vaccine. The the official name of COV-19 is SARS-COV-2, in that it attacks the respiratory system. Part of the name is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, vaccines certainly inhibit this respiratory syndrome virus.

        I was easily able to find the statistics on those who were vaccinated.”The CDC reports that as of July 19th of the 5,601 hospitalized breakthrough cases 27% were asymptomatic or not related COV-19 and of 1,141 fatal cases were not related to COV-19. The rates of deaths among fully vaccinated people were even lower, effectively zero.” So, those who have the vaccine usually have mild cases were they need to quarantine until they are not infectious. That’s what is happening at the University of Illinois. The University has over 44,000 students who are living in close quarters. And only 159 to some 200 students caught the virus with mild symptoms to no symptoms? That’s the vaccine working.

  6. A trial with an N of 72, isn’t a good trial. “Larger trials will be needed to confirm these preliminary findings.” mmm. But, go ahead and keep ingesting it for the treatment of COVID. By doing so, your side is ensuring that the former guy, or his kind, will never be elected again. You simply won’t have the numbers to do so.

    From the manufacturer, Merck:

    1. It’s being used and keeping people off ventilators! Sone docs don’t do what pharma tells them. Remember when hrdroxychloriquine was curing people and big tech shut down doctors for saying it? Cheap cures never get good press, on purpose.

      1. Exactly, they push remdesiver though, one of Fauxci’s favorites, very little positive effect and outrageous in price of course. Oh and people who have taken Ivermectin DO recover, pretty quickly they are slamming Joe Rogan all over the place now because he took Ivermectin and got better in like 2 days, I know they were all hoping he’d die.

      2. Hrdroxychloriquire was not a effective “”cure” for COV-19. It in fact killed patients. As to Ivermectin, it also not been scientifically proven to do anything for COV-19. There have not been double blind studies into Ivermectin as related to coronavirus. It has been misused by desperate people. If you think that a medicine used to deworm horses and cattle is appropriate, then I have to wonder about you.

  7. Merck is pharma. If it was effective, then Merck would be “telling docs to use it.” There’s a huge difference between a pharmacy and Farm &Fleet.

    “Cheap cures…” it’s not a cure.

      1. They DID release the fact that nearly ALL ICU patients and around 85% of hospitalized patients were Vitamin D deficient, and, no wonder, I’m sure a good many of them had/have been living like hot house plants inside their little homes, “keeping safe” or under deep cover like mushrooms, people are not mushrooms, we NEED sunlight to thrive, it’s also why people who work outside tend to not get flues or any of the Corona viruses near as often as office workers or others who spend nearly ALL of their time inside.

    1. The copyright is expired on Ivermectin, it is no longer the sole property of Merck, that’s why they don’t push it, plus it is cheap. same with HCQ, been around a LONG time, has been used by many REAL doctors with REAL patients and has helped immensely with getting people through The Rona with far less problems. Fauci, the CDC and CNN won’t tell you that though.

  8. Ok, you guys keep telling yourselves these ridiculous fables. Like I said… “You simply won’t have the numbers to do so.”

    1. How ironic is it that the lefty Trump haters are the ones who eagerly jumped in line to get the Trump warp speed/rushed toxic shots? It is you ppl who will be experiencing all kinds of health problems and death in the next 3-5 years, if not sooner. Research how graphene oxide interferes with oxygen uptake in the body, because it’s in the shots. It’s also ironic the manufacturers don’t have to list the ingredients in the shots until they are applying for full FDA approval. So, who really knows what other toxins are in those shots?

      Your god Fauci is doing a wonderful job doing the work of Satan, creating a fake crises and then using the medical bureaucracy and Big Pharma to trick ppl into self extermination according to the plan of these elite bastards. Those shots are a Trojan horse. This should NOT be a left vs. right issue, but a worldwide save humanity issue!!! Unfortunately, too many people trust the official narrative.

      The elitist plan:

      “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything–forcible blood or organ donation–for the ‘greater good’. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them–for the ‘greater good’. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch?”

      – Henry Kissinger in a speech to the World Health Organization Council on Eugenics, Feb 25, 2009

      1. They’ve been “grooming the herd” for a LONG time now. There is also strong evidence that the “vaccine” they have concocted lowers fertility rates in both men and women – BONUS!

  9. What is NOT said is sometimes more important than what IS said.
    What did/do we hear about Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine? Not a cure! Doesn’t prevent infection! Not FDA approved!
    What are we hearing about the new shots? Nothing is 100% safe, but these seem acceptably so. Helps reduce the spread! Could Save Your Life!!!
    Thing is ALL of the above statements apply to ALL of the above (other than the recent ‘approval’ of one shot that hasn’t been around long enough to meet approval standards, plus is essentially unavailable in the US anyway).
    As is usually the case, Follow The Money. The first two are inexpensive, and even tho ‘the government is paying for it’, I’m sure the new shots are more expensive, and more profitable.
    Now maybe the shots (because they Are Not actually vaccines) could be safer and/or more effective than the cheaper alternatives, but it’s hard (impossible?) to tell because information about the less profitable options is being suppressed. But if they Are better, why not just come out and tell us? But if they’re the same or Less effective, why not tell us? Again, follow the money. Politicians, scientists, the media (especially social media), and of course ‘big pharma’, have all put profit, politics, and power ahead of peoples’ prosperity, and even their lives.

  10. The Canary in the Coalmine is Israel. Why? Because they have been vaccinated the longest (starting in January) and they have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. What happens there WILL happen here and everywhere in the world.

    Sweden just banned air travel from Israel because of its high infection rate. How high is the infection rate? Higher now than at the peak of the pandemic in their country. And the vast percentage (over 60%) of all the infections, hospitalizations, and death are fully vaccinated people. It is so bad that the government is rushing the 3rd Booster to thousands of its citizens. Why? Because the efficacy of the vaccine has dropped below 50% (it’s actually lower than that among 6 months plus vaccinated folks).

    There is a tremendous amount of detail and information surrounding what is happening in Israel. To make it easy I am just going to tell you this: What is happening in Israel is the beginning signs of ADE (Anti-body Dependent Enhancement). This is starting to happen here in the United States as the vaccinated hit 6 months of vaccination. Take the time to look up ADE. You can draw your own conclusion about what might happen if every person vaccinated gets ADE.

    So watch Israel. Use Duck Duck Go web search (Google is blocking or burying search results). Below is a very short (less than a minute) from a nurse who will tell you what is really going on.

  11. Thank you, Diane, for providing this forum. I am heartened that there are people who actually GET IT. Who are using the critical thinking God gave us. But we will never, ever convince the covidians to listen to reason. It’s their religion — and that is not an overstatement. See how passionately they defend the obvious lies they’re being fed 24/7, with a maniacal, blind zeal unmatched by anything I’ve ever witnessed. They never learned to turn off the willing suspension of disbelief from what they see and hear on a screen. And I know first-hand from my own eyes and ears that much — if not all — of what we’re being fed by government and the media is a LIE. I was living in Manhattan at the beginning of this plandemic and I rode on my bike around the hospitals that were purportedly brimming with dead bodies, refrigerator trucks at the doors loading them in. There was NONE of that. Matter of fact, every one of the hospitals looked empty. A couple of workers standing outside smoking and laughing. Javitts Center? EMPTY. Not even the usual scream of ambulances going up Amsterdam Ave to St. Luke’s Hospital by Columbia Univ, each hour of the day that I’ve heard for decades; rather, eerily quiet for months. And I reported this to a person who (used to be) my friend for many, many years who lives here. And she basically called me a liar because she believed what she saw on a SCREEN rather than a first-hand account from someone who was actually THERE. So that’s what we’re dealing with.

    1. Sadly, you are right, it’s very much like the people in Europe who were told by people who had seen where the transports were going and were trying to warn people and yet they continued to believe that they were being “resettled” for their own good and safety. It’s truly sad how easily many people can be led by an “authority figure” and discount the eye witness reports of those who have no stake in the scam/game.

    1. Yes I mentioned de la Hoya earlier, but if people don’t look around beyond the globalist approved propaganda on the MSM they won’t hear about it, or much of anything really if it doesn’t toe the line of the agenda. If anyone has to ask” WHAT “agenda”? They are so far behind it would take months to catch them up or maybe a 1 week crash course where they are deluged with information 16 hours a day, oh, sort of like what “they” have done with the propaganda only it’s been 24/7 for around 18 months now.

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