Did you know I can tracks clicks?

By: Diane Benjamin

This story was important for you to read: https://blnnews.com/2021/09/01/story-2-americas-future/

Lots of people read it. I hope it shocked you like it shocked me that anyone could write a story claiming capitalism must be destroyed when capitalism is America. Capitalism is merely producing something people want and getting paid for it. The opposite is government telling people what to produce and GOVERNMENT getting paid for while throwing producers a few scraps.

Obviously history has volumes of examples of governments making really bad decisions and millions of people dying because of it. (I could comment on our current government, but I will refrain)

In that story I posted excerpts from the linked story: How Capitalism Undermines Progressive Education Reform

Were you shocked at that title? If you weren’t you don’t understand America. If capitalism is bad for reaching a goal, the goal is bad! It is why your kids might not be able to define capitalism.

You may not know that I can tell how many people click on links. Since most of you didn’t click on the link to that story, I created a meme to summarize what else you would have learned from the Marxist who wrote it, memorize them:

One thought on “Did you know I can tracks clicks?

  1. If you turn the statement around you can see the purpose of what they are doing.

    “How Capitalism Undermines Progressive Education Reform”
    “How Progressive Education Reform Undermines Capitalism.”

    Education Reform is not the goal.
    Socialism is their goal.

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