Story 2: America’s future

By: Diane Benjamin

Did you agree with Story 1? The article below was included on an email I received by FOIA from District 87. America is a capitalist country where individuals are free to chart their own life. We have stocked shelves because companies want to profit. If there was no financial reward for creating items we want, the items would not exist! It isn’t a hard concept, unless you are Marxist who thinks government should control the economy. If America abandons capitalism, then what are we? Do you believe a big government makes better decisions than you do? Has that ever worked anywhere? “Progressives” want government control and many are teaching your kids..

The schools and government is where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are being pushed. The article below proves the real intent – destroy capitalism because it doesn’t produce EQUALITY. I urge you to read the whole article, I will post excepts, but they leave out a lot of what is said. This article wants you to believe nobody in the history of America has ever escaped poverty through education. It is capitalisms fault.

One has to question why this article was included on an email in District 87! Isn’t the purpose of education to provide the basics so kids can grow into functioning adults that contribute to society? This article thinks it just creates worker bees.

Story 2:

How Capitalism Undermines Progressive Education Reform

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  1. Hi Diane,
    So I read the article. I must say that IF an education system the author supports and the one they oppose were combined, we would have a fairly robust and competent education system. The author alludes to this idea as almost an after thought, but it should have been the point. They ruin the whole article with their conclusion that the government must provide for the rest of societies existence, so we can have the perfect educational system. But if the education system THEY want produces they happy fulfilled citizens they claim, they would want to live that happy and fulfilled life without the constraints of government funding controlling your life and the choices you get to make outside the educational system. Their conclusion prevents the society they hold as ideal.

  2. Given all we know about the Illinois Board of Education and given the thrust of this letter, District 87’s idea of education “reform” is the adoption of 1619 neo-history, CRTheory, Culturally Responsive Teaching, hyper-sexualization of children, teaching student radicalization, pushing the idea that all decisions regarding hiring, training, coursework and discipline be race based and so elimination of equality under the law and replacing it with the lawless, bigoted concept of equity.

    These are the things that Capitalism prevents?
    Long live Capitalism!</b?
    Take your Marxism with you when you leave.

  3. A lot of the arguments made rely on the false choice of static roles. In capitalism, a worker can easily become a manager/owner. In a socialist system, owners/managers are those who are connected to the government. If you are a worker, you are locked in.

  4. District 87 is preparing for a long future ahead where white students will mo longer make up the majority of students. Even now, District 87 says that the white student population is around 47 percent with the rest of students being members of racial minorities. Since the District has no where to expand, it will continue to serve students from Bloomington’s inner core which continues to deteriorate at breakneck speed. With SF’s eventual removal as a dependable employer waning and it’s employee base being made up of $15 per hour call center jobs and a declining property tax base, the District needs to do something to make it look attractive to non-white parents and students so they do not move elsewhere in the area. What better way than to reinvent yourself as the ” minority schools of choice” by becoming totally woke? Besides, Chiraq will continue to export its deviants south on I-55 as planned out years ago by the local Chamber of Commerce for cheap labor.

  5. I thought the whole purpose of public education (K-12) was to provide the students with the tools needed to become a productive member of society. PERIOD.
    Then, with those tools, a bit of intelligence, and hard work anyone could improve their economic/social position in life. That’s one of the beauties of capitalism. Anyone can move ahead so long as they don’t buy into the victim trap. In socialism once a drone always a drone, unless of course you’re exceptional at something like gymnastics, or chess, or are related to the big guy.

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