Story 1 – America’s future

By: Diane Benjamin

Readers: Today you must READ. I know in a meme world, short gets read and longer is ignored.

Below is the first thing you must read to see the difference in what is being pushed in schools. It was shocking to me and it should be shocking to you, especially if you like have stocked shelves when you shop. Go to any socialist country and you won’t see store shelves stocked with a wide variety of items. Actually, if you’ve been shopping lately the shelves aren’t that well stocked. Draw your own conclusions.

Start here, see if you disagree with anything below. Part 2 will prove schools don’t agree.

4 thoughts on “Story 1 – America’s future

  1. I suffer income equality each time I go to the convenient mart I observe all these young men and women buying lots of junk food and drink and pulling out their link card to pay for their items gee I don’t have one of those cards I must must be unequal to them. Just thinking

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  2. It’s almost entirely about choices, I’ll say almost to account for some factors not so much in someone’s control maybe such as a severe accident or the like which leaves them disabled in a way that most work is not open to them. Other than that, it’s pretty much about choices. There is some income disparity that might need correction such as “city workers” or “State workers” getting paid more for the same sort of work than do private sector workers, that, in my estimation is not right. As was said in the piece above, some people devote many years of their life to learning a skill, art or trade and if their ability is of superior grade, then their pay should reflect that. It should be no great task to realize that Person A who works 40+ hours a week providing services or creating something or repairing things etc should be compensated more than Person B who sits at home and plays video games while complaining that there are no decent jobs. As a friend of mine used to say to some people when they would say they didn’t take such and such job because it only pays 10 bucks an hour and they were holding out for 15 bucks an hour – “How much are you making while you wait? That’s right nothing, so 10 bucks an hour is 10 dollars more an hour than you make now, take the 10 bucks until that 15 dollars an hour job comes along” SOMETIMES the person would see the wisdom but sometimes they would just keep on sitting making nothing and living off of benefits or mama of g/f or b/f etc. and keep complaining how they had no money. It’s ALL about choices, always.

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