Pantagraph Collusion

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph needs to explain why an alleged Open Meetings Act violation against the McLean County Health Department is so much more important than the one they also reported this week against the City of Bloomington.  That story was quickly buried on their website – comments were NEVER allowed.  Comments ARE allowed to the Health Department story.

At least one comment asking why today’s story is more important was posted and then deleted from the Pantagraph website.

Could it be the Health Department doesn’t generate advertising revenue while Bloomington does?

Could it be the Pantagraph is protecting their buddies?

Today’s story states Lisa Madigan is asked to investigate.

The City of Bloomington was found GUILTY of violating the Open Meetings Act.  That story said nothing about 30 days in a jail and it being a Class C Misdemeanor.  .

Maybe when the Pantagraph hears David Hales and Tari Renner’s assault on the Council and at least one City union, they will alter their reporting.

Don’t hold your breath.

Let’s see how long it takes the Attorney General to rule on the Health Department case, I predict much faster than their ruling against the City of Bloomington.  Where’s that story Pantagraph?

Judy Buchanan is on the Connect Transit Board and she’s now President of the Board at the Health Department?  Ever get the idea a small cabal of people run everything locally?  The same faces keep appearing again and again.





8 thoughts on “Pantagraph Collusion

  1. Of course revenue matters… after “what’s his name” got fired from 92.9, I started to hear how great it is to live in Bloomington Normal commercials on 92.9. Why does the city spend money on radio spots within Bloomington Normal to tell is how great it is to live here? Wouldn’t those be of better use in other communities’ radio markets? Perhaps we could lure some more suckers here to pay these taxes.


      1. Good point. Normally the advertiser even 92.9 mentions themselves within the ad. I don’t recall hearing the City mentioned but I know 92.9 never mentioned themselves. I guess I will have to force myself to listen a little closer next time. It is just hard to hear over the retching I experience every time I am forced to hear that everything is smiles, rainbows and unicorns here in BloNo.


  2. Whichever board has vast sums of money to spend . . . that’s when the cabal comes out to play. They all like to hover around and try to control where those dollars go. McLean County Health Department and the embattled Walt Howe have lots of money, hence the extreme interest by the likes of some. They’re pretty gross and stupid and they really need to ‘get a life’ instead of f-cking around just because they can and because they have nothing better to do. It’s all about control. Ironic isn’t it that community mental health services is the focus when those in charge are quite dysfunctional and appear not to have a grip on the finer aspects of politicking. They’re all bluster and force and bullying tactics. Apparently all the “leadership” courses through which they may or may not have been trained . . . either they missed the day on diplomacy/tact or the training just didn’t stick. Alot of people go through training courses, get their certificate, and then just revert to whatever shit ways they have of doing things anyway. And let’s not forget the consanguineous nature of many relationships of the cabal. Marriage and blood relationships will get you on a board. Unless you’re me, that is.


  3. Concerning the Slantagraph style of selective reporting and running the comment section as a W.W. 2 German Gestapo operation, I am reminded of a quote made years ago by A.J. Liebling. He said, “freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”


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