If you live outside B-N:

By:  Diane Benjamin

I get quite a few emails with requests, information, and ones I want to investigate.

The latest was from a guy who lived outside of Bloomington-Normal.  He called 911 because of a possible heart attack.  A Rescue Squad from Mt Hope/Funk’s Grove transported him to St. Joe’s, but it stopped at Veterans and Morris and picked up two Bloomington paramedics.

He thought it was a little strange at the time, but really strange when he got a bill:


I called the Bloomington Fire Chief, Brian Mohr, and he explained why this happened – except the bill.

The first Rescue Squad had contacted Metcom for assistance.  Bloomington has a “chase” vehicle they deployed to meet them.

Many small towns don’t have advanced life support training, that’s why they made the call and it might have saved his life.

The bill, especially the mileage, is something he is questioning.  Chief Mohr said the type of care the Bloomington guys provided would have been even more expensive at St. Joe’s.

Just an FYI to non-locals!

Thanks Chief.




  1. Two years ago they transported me to bromen when Dawn found me dead on the kitchen floor. my neighbor across the street was an EMT for them and started CPR. I came to going down I 55 and hacked up a piece of steak. they never stopped to pick up anyone. my bill was $750.00- 800.00 I think.. if I still have the bill I’ll let you know. (waiting for little tommy’s stupid comments )


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