Jessica McKnight needs to read the law!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Health Department thinks they have the right to shut down businesses.  They don’t.  Pritzker’s expired executive orders are meaningless – they aren’t LAW.  The only authority the Health Department has comes from the courts.  Any pieces of paper they hand out mean nothing.

McKnight just closed down the pool at Lakeside Country Club.  If you are a member or know a member – tell them to open it back up.  You pay to be a member.  Crestwicke Country Club defied the Health Department with the help of the local attorneys who know all people have due process rights.

We don’t live in a dictatorship –

start acting like it people!


If you need the names of the local attorneys, email me:  [email protected]


10 thoughts on “Jessica McKnight needs to read the law!

  1. They will dictate and dominate the docile citizens as long as people allow them to do it. I know this is a bit of a sore subject with many people but when you slap on that mask like an obedient subject every time you leave your house – you are showing you are willing to just “do as told” without question. Masks are for health care providers who are working with possibly compromised individuals or who are actively dressing open wounds or performing surgeries, they are NOT for walking around like a sheep doing as directed. (I almost hate to use sheep to be honest since non domesticated sheep are not really all that docile) Masks are also somewhat helpful when living in a city such as Beijing where the pollution is often at dangerous levels, that is not the case in Bloomington/Normal.
    If people don’t start challenging these little tin horn dictators they will continue to bully the meek and obedient. They power trip off of it.

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      1. I haven’t worn one yet except for a bandanna I happened to have in the car anyway for about 2 minutes in Schnucks when this first started because I wanted something I knew I could get there, and I informed them I would NOT be back even though I really like their store. I have been shopping elsewhere ever since, also, I have not been in a Walmart since this ridiculous mask crap started and when I saw a mask Nazi at the door, I turned right around and went back to my car and I used to be in a Walmart at least 2-3 times a week.

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    1. Don’t walk away when they demand you obey. Tell them you won’t wear the ‘new, improved, Healthy swastika of obedience’. Ask them Why you have to wear it. And be ready with reasons why they’re wrong. If they only ever see obedient sheep, they may not realize they’re supporting fascism.

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  2. So the County Clubs get to open their pools but the Public pools must stay closed? …Those with money can, those without cannot. Where are the social justice warriors demanding equality on this issue?

    Reece’s husband is on the Bloomington Country Club board so does this this reflect Normal as hypocritical or proving government has different rules for different economic classes?

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  3. Illinois Swimming, Inc which governs age group swimming clubs throughout Illinois hired a lobbyist to challenge Gov. Pritzker’s closer of pools in Phase 3 of his Restore Illinois Plan. The logic is if summer little league teams can practice in phase three why can’t swim teams? Late yesterday the Illinois Department of Public Health agreed to allow pools to open for swim team practices, lap swimming and swimming lessons as long as swimmers follow social distancing guidelines and other considerations. This does not apply to public swims at public swimming pools or water parks.

    We’re seeing a very dangerous pattern in our state right now. We have a tyrannical governor making up laws and regulations as he goes and looking to state agencies to enact his whims or vice versa, using COVID 19 as their defense. Meanwhile we have a completely defunct state legislature that refuses to make any decisions about any of this so there is no legal precedent for anything Pritzker is handing down. When citizens stand up and threaten to sue for their rights these state agencies back down and citizens are able to move forward. They know none of this will stand up in court. I find all of this quite frightening and one of the greatest threats to liberty I’ve seen in my lifetime. But, that said, what people need to understand is we have rights, and citizens can’t be disobeying the law when the laws don’t exist.

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