Health Department Can Not Shut You Down

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Health Department has no right under the LAW to shut anybody down by pretending Pritzker’s edicts are law.  We have due process rights in this country.  To shut you down they need to take you to court.  They will not take you to court because they know they can not prove you are a threat to anybody’s health.

Open your business.  Open your church.  Quit being sheep.

I heard a story today about teenagers who have been locked up for months.  They have been unable to go to school or even hang out with their friends.  Some do athletic things all year.  Anybody think this hasn’t been detrimental to both their physical and mental health?  Does the Health Department care?

One team that meets at a local facility opted to start practicing this week.  The first practice was shut down because of looting in the area, the Health Department shut down the second.

If the Health Department comes knocking, tell them you will not comply.  Address comments to Jessica McKnight, the Administrator.

It isn’t just businesses being adversely affected.  Kids are paying a huge price.  Obviously COVID isn’t a threat since huge protest gatherings are just fine.

Start living – the law is on YOUR side

7 thoughts on “Health Department Can Not Shut You Down

  1. If you think that Pritzker is playing hard ball now, wait until the second pandemic begins by September and see what he does. According to a WHO document, pandemic part 2 will be gain this fall. I will post the link if I can figure out how to do it (I am electronically challenged).


  2. Oh, you mean the same WHO which blasted the use of HCQ (with two other accompanying pills a little over a dollar per dose, on the market since 1955) as a prophylactic and cure for Wuhanvirus-19, instead pushing THEIR unproven cure Remdesivir ($1,000 per dose), the supplier of which many of the doctors, researchers, and investors has a stake in? The same WHO discovered to be “controlled” by the Red Chinese? The same WHO that President Trump pulled US funding from?

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    1. Yep that same worthless WHO that is led by a “former” Ethiopian Communist terrorist and who licks the toes of China and The Gates of Hell – same worthless entity and the CDC isn’t any better. I certainly hope enough people are now awake to prevent them from destroying countries AGAIN with their high and mighty nonsense.


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