Looting in Normal, don’t ask questions

By:  Diane Benjamin

Videos of the looting at Target are all over Facebook.  Obviously most of the people involved have not been arrested, but worse the videos show police did little to stop it.

A resident of Normal had questions – note he sent this email to the entire Council, Mayor and City Manager:

df 1

Doug was referring to this article in the paper:



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df 3

The narrative that Mayor Koos was there is from a story on WJBC:  https://www.wjbc.com/2020/06/01/koos-reprehensible-behavior-last-night/


df 4

The Pantagraph article says 7 police cars were damaged, it doesn’t say where they were –  it implies at Target.  The police didn’t have the ability to stop people throwing things at them?  There are still a “couple hundred” criminals roaming the streets?  (Guess who is going to get the bill to fix those cars)

There are numerous reasons Doug is asking questions:

  • Did Koos micro-manage the police?
  • Did the police have all the tools they needed?
  • If no, what do they need?
  • Should businesses know in advance the police aren’t capable of protecting them?
  • Why would any business locate in Normal if bands of looters might destroy their business?
  • Is a message being sent to looters: the police can’t handle large groups?
  • Is a complete review of what happened taking place?  Citizens aren’t allowed to know?

Doug’s email is dated June 2nd.  He didn’t receive an official response until he emailed the police chief directly.  City Manager Pam Reece finally decided to respond on June 4th.  Anybody believe she knows who pays her salary?  Is she blaming the media for false reporting?  (withdraw and stand down are different?)

Government always wants to “move forward”, the past is immaterial even if the problems of the past haven’t been addressed.

df Reece



29 thoughts on “Looting in Normal, don’t ask questions

  1. As Normal’s economy crashes and burns, their idiot leadership gives potential new businesses yet another reason to go somewhere else?

    It would be hard to make this kind of stupidity up….

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  2. Wow. Pam’s diatribe screams there needs to be an Independant review of what happened and what deficiencies led to this, training, tools, etc. So the entire council supports the police allowing unarmed people loot and destroy businesses? That statement should send chills throughout the business community. We all know the council are rubber stamping bobble heads and Pam just gave the council their talking points. I am sure will hear them all talking in unison soon. Normal needs to do something to restore confidence that the police are there to also protect businesses and personal property or no one will open a business here. Hell when insurance companies learn Normal’s official policy is to abandon serving and protecting businesses and personal property they won’t write policies for businesses in Normal.

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  3. As somebody who watched the looting the next night in Bloomington, one thing was pretty clear. If you show these cowards force, they run away. As soon as the tear gas and a Flash bangs started going off, those punks took off. That’s what should have happened at target. Instead they just backed away, got some popcorn, and watched the show.

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  4. My biggest concern is this. If they can’t or aren’t willing to protect private property, then why should I put any trust in them to protect me or my family? How does “Bleichner withdrew them” instill any faith in law enforcement that they can do the job that they have been asked to do? When the trial in Minneapolis is over and the verdict isn’t satisfactory, why should anyone believe that our local police will be prepared when this happens again?

    Also, is Pam Reece always so snide and snippy when she interacts with citizens? Her response was rude and inappropriate.

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    1. Yes she is. She is a pretty disgusting human being. She should be in jail, she is by and far the. Worst looter in Normal Illinois.


    2. In my dealings with people such as Pam, they are often rude and/or snippy to anyone who is not someone they need or are trying to impress in some way. They are especially snippy with anyone who dares question them, especially if that person is considered an underling. I have seen this with countless people of that ilk and it is of course not confined to just the BloNo area, it’s pretty universal. That’s why I have to laugh sometimes when I hear about some of these people being called so good, so NICE etc etc etc – I know differently.

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  5. In my criminal justice class 101 at ISU we learned that yes the mayor of the town does have influence over the police chief so Pam I suspect that you are lying, sorry but with your track record the only ignorance that exists is general and not applicable to this particular situation. MOST police officers are honestly good people and they are there literally putting their life on the line everyday because they really want to help people and then for whatever department they work for find out just how political their jobs really are. Mark my words, somebody gave a stand down order cause that’s how NPD, BPD, and every police department does it. Pamela Reece is running cover.

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    1. Likely the mayor gave a stand down order. The twenty-somethings are his primary voting block. Also he didn’t want to get his godfather, Dick Durbin, mad or embarrass him or Dick would see to it he didn’t get federal or state funds for his legacy projects. Like you said, it’s political all day, every day.

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  6. As a business owner who has been forced to close for the past couple months by my government. I have 2 questions to help others like be decide if we should just close for good or invest more money and try to reopen.

    Should we expect police protection or should we expect to be left to fend for ourselves?

    McLean County Chamber of Commerce, what say you?

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    1. Remember, it will likely be YOU who gets in trouble if you fend for yourself, that’s how they roll in the “forward looking” and “progressive” towns.

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  7. I’ve tried very hard for a long time not to use the “B” word to describe her majesty Queen Pamela. But after reading her email response to Mr. Fansler, who helps pay her overinflated salary, the gloves are coming off. At best she’s unprofessional. At worst I’d use the “B” word. Take your pick.

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  8. Why did Mayor Koos take down his protestor sale banner at Vitesse Cycle? What would Mayor Koos have commanded the police to do if the looters went to Vitesse Cycle shop that night after they left Target?

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  9. For some answers as to why the police responded as they did, check out the Normal ZOOM press conference. i’m thinking there was initially poor strategy in place. Seven police cars blocking the entrance to Target with maybe 20 police against over 100 protesters hell-bent on looting. When the scene turned violent, saving lives was probably foremost in mind.
    Pam’s response is dismissive and antagonistic. White privilege, Pam?

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  10. The NSA should know everything with all the surveilance equipment us taxpayers have paid for. Geesh, you get busted for not social distancing or wearing a mask but looting and vandalizing businesses neighborhoods is okay. Mayor Renner and Mayor Koos = MASSIVE FAIL.

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  11. The question remains as to who gave the order to stand down. If it was the police chief, so be it. He is in the best position to judge the situation. If it was the Mayor, that’s a different story…

    It seems the exact same thing happened in other places – the police stand down and allow the destruction to occur. Seems oddly coincidental.

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