Want to see a liar?

Below is an email I received today from the fired/retired Carol Stream Librarian who is possessed with me for some reason – why I have no idea:

regina libarian

She hasn’t been on my site for months?

My log says otherwise:

reg liber

reg 1

There were more this morning but I get too many reads to have the history available from hours ago.

Lying really isn’t attractive Regina.  See if Medicare covers mental health evaluations.

8 thoughts on “Want to see a liar?

  1. I love it when an internet illiterate (Regina) does things like this. They just do not know the tools available to ferret them out. Caught a boss of mine up like this once.

    To Regina…. Wasn’t it a similar situation that got you fired? Something about time of day you were posting and not doing your job. Oh well you can keep helping your husband in selling those yard banner signs.
    Some never learn.


  2. When are you going to stop using mental health as a weapon? It’s a medical condition many, many didn’t ask for. I enjoy your blog, but find the obsession with those who have mental health challenges confusing. “Check your meds”, indeed…I don’t know why you find it useful.


  3. Diane,

    I’m sorry this person has been a thorn, I am. Your reply suggests that those with mental health challenges fall into two categories, those that want help, and those that don’t. I’ve not met a single person with a mental health disorder that wanted it. I have met a ton who have had varying degrees of enthusiasm for their treatment. It’s hard because there is no one size fits all mental health disorders. Further, those who are self aware and pursue help are almost universally met with a challenging road to stability. I’m just saying that calling people crazy, and off their meds, or, “obvious mental health problems”, establishes a heirarchy of discourse that the person with the mental health challenge can never overcome. I understand, I do. I am not claiming it’s ignorance or hateful. What I am claiming is we, as a culture, accept demeaning close to 25% of the population to assume a position of superiority. Oh, I don’t like what they’re saying, so lets demean them…believe me, she (the librarian) does enough on her own to prove she’s an a** without pulling the generic, ‘plus, she’s crazy’ into it.

    Yes, I have a mental health disorder. No, I’m not offended by it. Yes, I think we can do better. No, I don’t think everyone understands.



  4. And Teri was wrong.

    There is not a lot of difference between check your meds and “See if Medicare covers mental health evaluations” It’s not so much the detail of the statement versus the intent behind what’s said. What’s said is “you’re different (crazy) and I’m not”.

    The implication in both statements is the same. Should I start telling overweight people they need to get their diabetes checked? Or, if I hear someone sneezing complaining of allegies, I can now tell them to take their meds, right.

    Thank you for discussing, Diane.


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