Update: Covid 19 in McLean County, need better data

The McLean County Health Department tweeted that “Hospitalized” should have been 6.  The other questions weren’t answered.

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the McLean County Health Department website:  https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19

health department

2+12+5+28 = 47

It looks like one confirmed case got lost in the system.

With the local economy essentially shut down, businesses closing, and people losing their jobs – the information provided so far is not sufficient.

We need more information on the two deaths.  Did these people have pre-existing conditions making them more susceptible?  What treatment did they receive?

What treatment are the currently hospitalized receiving?

Is Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin being used locally?  Is large dose Vitamin C being used?

Do we have to wait until we get sick to find out?


14 thoughts on “Update: Covid 19 in McLean County, need better data

  1. One look at these numbers will tell anyone that it is INSANE to shut down our economy for this. Of course the never Trumpers are more than happy to destroy our economy, if there is a chance it might damage President Trump. Yes, they are that insane.

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  2. Diane, not sure if this is the answer, but there was one young person attending college in Missouri who had/has it. He was originally counted here but he hadn’t been home since December so he was subtracted from our count and added to a Missouri count.


    1. Carol, I believe the person you are referring to is from Dewitt County and not McLean County unless there are 2 people in the same situation. He was announced as the first and only case in Dewitt County even though he has not been there since December.


  3. Having had past professional interaction with the county health department, I always found it pretty useless. Although Dr. Pederson is suppose to be the overseer from afar, its main staff is comprised of governmentcrats and a nurse or two. One will likely never find out the real story nationally or locally who was infected or passed away because of medical privacy laws and the people in charge being unwilling to investigate. Yes, the virus should be taken seriously but specific information on origination, causation, recovery and death rates will vary on who is telling the story. Like others, I have contended that many victims likely had health problems before that made them ripe to contract the virus. I know of two people nationally that died from it that had previous serious health problems that died after contracting the virus but the media made it sound like they were perfectly healthy before they got the virus. Sadly, this whole mess will be used to score political points in the near and distance future.

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  4. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/04/no_author/modern-medicine-knew-of-zinc-cure-for-coronavirus-infections-a-decade-ago-but-failed-to-put-into-practice/ According to this article, a valid treatment option was available as long as 10 yrs ago……HOWEVER, it doesnt require vaccination, another political ploy to encircle the masses with the pharma/governmental regime. I, personally, felt this was a test to see how well the masses aquiese under suedo pressure….and we are doing a bang-up job. Our President, given the unrelenting harrassment since day 1, is doing an outstanding job.

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  5. That’s right MUDD, chopped off a finger in a construction accident and bled to death, report it as COVID19. Car accident in the middle of the night with no one around, well heck we can report that as COVID19 too. Homeless folk with no reported kin, heck just lop them all in as COVID19. Who’s gonna know and who’s gonna tell? Yuck, yuk…
    Oh! Oh! The sucides? Gotta be COVID19. Druggies? Went crazy over the Aderall (legalized meth) scripts? Yep them too! Write ’em all up as COVID19 folks we gotta show some high numbers! The plebs are getting restless and it
    is time to cover our asses!!!


  6. 11,000 people have been REPORTED dying from COVID-19 in the U.S. . In most ANY given year 18,000 die from Influenza! But do we shut down the world economy when THOSE people are on the loose?
    With N.Y. having almost 1/2 of ALL the deaths in the U.S.! WHY? People are NOT made to be “stacked” like a “Carvana” dispenser!! It’s kind of the “Mesa Verde” version of city planning-which mr koos and Renner would LOVE for us to accept and embrace-bike lanes, multi-story hotels and buildings, 50 people on a bus, etc..

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