Is Normal a Police State?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night’s Normal’s Town Council meeting was relatively boring until Stan Nord asked questions toward the end.  His comments pertained to Chris Koos’ “Enforcement of Stay-At-Home Executive Order” issued on April 4, 2020.

This statement in the order is problematic:

koos tyrant

If the Town Code applied to the Koos order it would only be in effect for 48 hours with up to two extensions.  Stan wanted to know if an emergency meeting needed to be called to extend the order longer.  Mayor Koos deferred his questions to Brian Day, Town lawyer.

After much legal doublespeak, Day finally admitted the ordinance remains in effect as long as Gov. Pritzker’s Executive Order is in effect.  In other words, Koos’s order just restated (in easy to understand language) the governor’s order.

Koos could have simply gone to the Normal Police Chief and talked about enforcement procedures.  Of course violating a police directive is already a crime, so why did Koos put enforcement in writing?  Is it a threat?

Is Koos trying to intimidate citizens using the police?  Is Koos attempting to eroding the relationship between citizens and the police?   Does Koos want Normal turned into a police state?

The Koos executive order was not needed.  Emergencies create an environment to erode civil liberties.  Koos made it clear he wants force used for compliance.  By putting threats in writing he is eroding the trust citizens should have in the police.  

Don’t be a snitch, if you see noncompliance the police should be your last phone call.  Americans don’t tattle on each other.  That is expected in socialist and communist countries to force tyranny, here we talked to each.

Did Tari Renner changed his mind about issuing something similar because he realized this?

Pritzker’s Executive Order:

Applicable Section:

pigster order

Link to ILCS 3305:

See 46:00

14 thoughts on “Is Normal a Police State?

  1. Bloomington went to lengths at their council meeting to say Renner was not being given the overreaching powers. The slantagraph had a story Koos wasn’t given those powers either. Must have been more FAKE NEWS from the local media.

    I like the direction Bloomington has gone since Gleason came on board. Don’t know if the credit belongs to Renner or Gleason. No matter, just glad I don’t live in Normal and have Koos as my dictator. 🙂

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  2. This comes as a SURPRISE to anyone who is reading this blog for the FIRST time, but just a SIMPLE look at the track record of mr koos would show that he is a frustrated banana republic dictator without a banana republic to dictate to.. Just look at the uptown debt—for starters!

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  3. I like the Banana Republic dictator stuff. It explains this all perfectly. The rules as illustrated here were already in effect. Koos was just trying to prove to himself he is important and relevant. Speaking of 2 faced mayors with do as I say not as I do let us turn to Chicago. You will find Lori Lightfoot (Chicago mayor) styling in a new do which she got Sunday. When asked how she could justify having her hair done she indicated it was because she is in national media’s eye. No wonder people are having problems with obeying the lockdown when she is justifying ignoring rules because of her vanity.

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      1. I knew that but it is not relevant. If a non-entitled politician wants to get a ‘do and promises to wear a mask and the person providing the service did as well would it be allowed? I think not….Koos would be standing there collecting that fine. Or can we go to a mask wearing society and open such businesses up? Add to the fact the chinese flu can be passed thru contact as well.

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  4. Historical facts that Normal is a banana republic;
    – No public comment unless topic approved by mayor
    – $100M of debt to fund Uptown elite agenda
    – Public petitions aren’t meaningless
    – Friends of Koos receive free to nearly free rent of public properties for for-profit businesses
    – Friends of Koos receive $200K of town property then are appointed to town boards

    Need I go on???

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  5. Most of the council and staff are bullies. You must do what they say or else. Just look at what they did to Stan Nord when he stood up to them. It is common knowledge in the county than Normal government has a better than thou attitude. Normal even tried to screw the ARC center property away from the Township. They are snakes.


    1. Maybe I’ve just been lucky (knocks on wood), but I’ve had more positive than negative interactions at the staff level. Are at least Some staff bullies? I’d bet money. Are Many? Quite possibly. But I haven’t seen ‘Most’.
      Your mileage may vary, and mine may too as I continue to be politically involved, but that’s been my experience so far.

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  6. It is amazing how draconian authoritarianism from the left has emerged from liberal leadership all around the country during this Chinese Communist Party Virus BS. Mayor Koos is just one of many who want to take advantage of the current situation to force their ideas and world views onto the people of the United States.

    Authoritarianism is the refuge of weak minded bullies who think that the world would be a utopia if we only listened to them and did exactly what they want. Authoritarians wish to not only control the bodies of their subjects but also their minds. From the beginning of organized human activities, leaders have used the control of minds as a tool to rule with. The Age of Information has forever changed leaders ability to control information and shape narratives.

    National Populism is sweeping the world and challenging authoritarians everywhere. Leftist socialist globalists are being challenged across the planet. The Age of Information is allowing for the first time in the history of human evolution, for people to begin to know the truth and talk back to their leaders.

    And it is publications like this and a host of social media platforms which are ripping off the veneer of respectability and lies of leaders like Mayor Koos, to reveal the sick authoritarian corrupt bullies that they truly are. Mayor Koos doesn’t like what has happened to the world. The entire left doesn’t like what has happened to the world. The people now can find out exactly what is going on and there is NOTHING they can do about it.

    The Age of Information and the rise of National Populism will continue to challenge and remove authoritarians everywhere. Authoritarian bullies like Mayor Koos are a dying breed. We will no longer be content to be ruled by them and we will use every opportunity to challenge them and remove them if we can.

    And finally, as evidenced by the authoritarian decrees sprouting from the desks of leftist mayors and governors around the country, we must always be ready to protect our rights and freedoms from those who would seek to take them from us. Yes, I will be keeping my guns and forever challenge those who say they are protecting me by enslaving me.

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  7. It appears BLM and their socialist commie pals are meeting to discuss their “list of demands”. Wonder if they’re working with certain members of the Town during the enactment of emergency powers to push through nonsense ideological pipedreams. We all know the Sheriff doesn’t put up with their nonsense, I don’t hold out much hope for Koos and the gang.

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  8. Here is what we are getting from leftist authoritarians right now….

    Could our founding fathers have ever imagined this happening in the United States of America?

    Police fine churchgoers at drive-in service ahead of Easter

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