Not Your Kids

By: Diane Benjamin

If you browse the Illinois Board of Education website, they have plans for your kids FROM BIRTH. The below shows the kids belong to them, the parents do not have a right to know anything that happens at school.

One things is clear however. Kids struggling with any identity issues are much more prone to depression and suicide. Your local school won’t tell you if it’s your child.

From the Illinois State Board of Education website – Equity Commission report:

PDF page 9:

D-3. What are the best practices for ensuring the confidentiality of students’ transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming identity?

What else are schools hiding? What your kids are taught?

Unit 5 hid the “training” by their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employee:

District 87 is hiding their survey results:

Your kids are being groomed in the public schools. Schools are creating future adults with their values, not yours. Why else would they not be the partner of parents?

Did you know males who claim to be transgender can use the girls restroom? Remember Loudoun County Virginia?

PDF page 10:

PDF page 11: More “don’t tell the parents”:

There is a video at this link parents need to watch:

Nothing changes until parents quit sitting on the sidelines of their kids education.







6 thoughts on “Not Your Kids

  1. One thing the districts can hide is the utter failure to educate our kids.
    I guess its easier to say the school system is “systemically racist” and must be completely changed than do the things they were hired to do.
    One simple question – Systemically racist how and where? Show me.

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  2. My kids aren’t truly ‘free range’, but I give them lot more freedom and responsibility than seems average these days. I’ve sometimes wondered how I would word the child support lawsuit if any busybody tried to call me on it. “Person X clearly wants to exert parental rights over kids Y and Z, which implies that I am due many years of back child support…”

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    1. Karl, you’ve hit on an issue here about parenting.

      So the opposite of free range kids are kids who are brought up by “helicopter parents”. I believe that helicopter parenting has expanded recently from hyper control of the environment of ones own kids to needing to control ALL kids. You can see it in their Covid related demands on children and their desire to proselytize their ideology in schools. They think that the only way to keep their little darlings safe from free children is to helicopter everyone’s children.
      For example, someone I know actually said of people who don’t wear masks – “Not wearing masks means that you want my child to die.”

      Helicopter parents have been damaged and they are damaging all children.

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