Normal’s Conga line of miss-truths

By: Diane Benjamin

Every time Normal wants something big they recruit local elites for Public Comment to praise the project. Last Monday was no exception. Former mayor Paul Harmon spoke both at the beginning of the meeting and the end.

Patrick Hoban, the President and CEO of the local Economic Development Council was first up. Given his title and position one should have confidence in what he says. This clip proves that faith is misplaced:

Hoban stated the new Uptown project was vital because housing is badly needed in Bloomington-Normal. He added the Realtor Association told him there were only 9 homes on the market.

The Mid-Illinois Realtors website has the number of houses for sale in Bloomington-Normal:

53 + 18 = 71 local houses for sale.

While 71 homes for sale is historically low, it is way more than 9. If Patrick Hoban had used the real number it would have been just as effective. Making up his own facts means his credibility is questioned. Did the Town of Normal recruit him just to make it appear Trail West and Trail East had local support and use fake numbers to prove it? Is that why Paul Harmon was there too?

When a project starts with false information, how can citizens trust anything said? Taxpayers fund the EDC, they deserve better from those they pay.

Just hit play to hear Hoban and Harmon. A citizen concerned about parking followed both.

6 thoughts on “Normal’s Conga line of miss-truths

  1. The town lied about the restaurant restriction, now the EDC. The “EDC Investors” should know that their organization is helping Normal hoodwink this developer. Normal’s unethical culture has infected the EDC.

    EDC Investors are:
    ACC Electronix, Inc.
    Afni, Inc.
    BEER NUTS, Inc.
    Benefit Planning Associates
    CORE Construction
    Ecology Action Center
    First State Bank of Mendota
    Great Plains Media
    Heartland Community College
    Illinois State University
    Integrity Technology Solutions
    Livingston, Barger, Brandt & Schroeder
    McLean County
    OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
    Prairie Enterprises, LLC
    Radio Bloomington
    Springfield Electric
    STL Technology Partner
    Village of Hudson
    Westminster Village
    BN Association of Realtors, Inc.
    Building & Trades – Laborers
    Central Illinois Regional Airport
    City of Bloomington
    Corn Belt Energy
    Farnsworth Group
    Fox & Hounds Hair Studio & Day Spa
    GROWMARK, Inc.
    IAA Credit Union
    Illinois Wesleyan University
    Jimmy Johns
    May, Cocagne & King, P.C.
    McLean County Unit #5 School
    Prairie Signs, Inc.
    Rivian Automotive
    Tarvin’s Culligan Water Conditioning
    Illinois House Building
    Zeller Electric
    Hile Group
    Avanti’s Italian Restaurant
    Bellas Landscaping, LLC
    Bloomington-Normal Marriott
    Busey Bank
    Chestnut Health Systems
    Commerce Bank
    Eaton Studio & Gallery
    First Farmers State Bank
    Bank of Pontiac
    Gailey Eye Clinic
    Heartland Bank & Trust Co.
    Illinois Farm Bureau
    Central IL Builders
    McDonalds (Millan/Petro)
    Nicor Gas
    P/L/R Insurance
    Tentac Enterprise
    State Farm Insurance
    Town of Normal
    Wabash Valley Power Association


  2. The people pushing this “development” should be forced to live in it. Parking…where? Your view…Mother Murphy’s or the parking garage. Grocery shop…where, Garlic Press? Drunken students loudly screaming under your windows at night. Paper-thin walls and floors where you hear your neighbors’ conversations and footsteps. Amazon vans double parked in front to deliver all the things you can’t carry on your bike (bought at Koos’s shop, of course). Yeah, that apartment living is a real dream in downtown Normal. Idiots.

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  3. Appropriate that Harmon spoke highly of the plan. It *was* a great plan, decades ago when it was formed and he was mayor. But just like most young adults are not ballerinas or astronauts or firemen, it’s time to face reality that either it wasn’t as great as they thought, or just times change.
    If you have to Give Away the land, it’s not a good plan. If you have to give significant government subsidies, it’s not a good plan. If previous stages still haven’t found paying tenants, it’s not a good plan. If ALL of those apply, it’s a Terrible plan.

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  4. Be careful of the corporate leadership clouting themselves as trusted sources of info or reality. Elites and networks can’t portray truth or speak to economy or real people . They live in a bubble where they get power but publicly bragging about their good works locally.

    Too bad

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