IEA tracks Covid – must see

By: Diane Benjamin

IEA is Illinois Education Association. According to their website 135,000 teachers are members.

Check out this link:

(Hint: They want you stuck with their college debt)

IEA created a graph of COVID problems around Illinois, they want teachers to be safe. See it here:

This isn’t current data, it’s data from when COVID became a thing. This map should only show current data, as it is it is meaningless.

Zero in on Bloomington-Normal. There are two blue dots. One of the dots is Cornerstone Academy from December of 2020. The other is Oakland School from December 2021. Colfax also reported outbreaks last September.

No deaths were reported from any of the above.

Unit 5 and District 87 haven’t had other outbreaks worth reporting?

Your kids lost two years of education, the map proves they shouldn’t have.

IEA posted this statement about the mask case:

SPRINGFIELD – The following is attributable to Illinois Education Association (IEA) Vice President Al Llorens regarding the ruling by Sangamon County Judge Raylene Grischow on the temporary restraining order (TRO) that would prohibit enforcement of face masks, vaccination, and Covid testing mandates:

“Our students thrive on consistency and the last two years have been anything, but consistent. We do not want another disruption to our students’ learning while we are still working to bridge the learning gap created by the pandemic. That’s why we believe our school districts should not make any rash decisions changing COVID safety requirements until after this process plays out in our court system. Our educators should be focused on their students – not worrying about health and safety. We’ve been able to keep our schools open with these safety measures in place. We know that in person learning is the best way for our students to learn and we should be doing everything we can to continue to meet in person. While we wait for the appellate court’s decision, we think it’s important to focus on working with parents to provide our students the best education possible. The only way we got through the last two years was by working together, and we need to continue to do so. Our students deserve a team of parents, community members, educators and other stakeholders behind them.”

I wonder how long the courts will drag it out? This is Illinois!

3 thoughts on “IEA tracks Covid – must see

  1. “Our students deserve a team of parents, community members, educators and other stakeholders behind them.” But most of all we (the school and it’s administrators) deserve all the bribe money we can get from the Biden administration for participating in their tyranny.

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  2. Given the fact that with Covid the students experienced flu like symptoms (no deaths), when do we start tracking and masking kids up for the flu season? Really, when? Flu outbreaks in schools make these numbers look like peanuts and the flu is more, not less, life threatening than Covid for kids.

    Why? Because its not about the kids. They don’t care about what “our students deserve”. They’re just a tool.

    Maybe the next step is to make masks permanent so the teachers will feel safe. BTW Why aren’t we hearing about the number of teachers that have died from covid. Wouldn’t that seem pertinent? And I would think it would be front page news right?

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