Both District 87 and Unit 5 School Boards meeting tonight

District 87:

Unit 5 is meeting at 6:30 – Normal West

Tell them to unmask your kids. Then enjoy the entertainment when the chickens demand masks stay forever. Yes, there are two Americas.

Unit 5 can be watched on-line. somebody needs to FILM 87!

3 thoughts on “Both District 87 and Unit 5 School Boards meeting tonight

  1. It will be interesting to see if reality and freedom are factors as fake science has been unmasked! We have seen with our own eyes how 100 % compliance with mask wearing or even compliance with vaccination has not stopped or even slowed the wild spread of this airborne virus. We see the proof. How can they continue to push this farce of a claim with either.

  2. One more thing- if parents don’t realize these schools and school boards do not have more authority than parents over their kids or if parents aren’t willing to stand up for their kids then these ridiculous mandates/rules and evil CRT will remain. Courage is contagious! Stand up for your kids!

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