District 87 searching for a DEI Superintendent

By Diane Benjamin District 87 School Board may have already made their choice to replace Barry Reilly, the timeline for making a final decisions shows this week. Here are two of the qualifications they were looking for: The consultant surveyed administration, teachers, students, non-parent community members, support staff, and the Board of Education and then […]

Teachers who refuse to leave the union are the problem

By: Diane Benjamin District 87 is meeting tonight (5:00 at BHS) to demand your children wear masks when the school year starts. There is no proof masks work and lots of proof they don’t. The School Board will do it anyway. What the School Board should be doing is insuring rouge teachers don’t follow the […]

Three things you need to know

Rivian deliveries are now delayed until July 1st: https://www.autoweek.com/news/green-cars/a36556537/rumor-rivian-r1t-pickup-delayed/ EPA is using fictitious data to claim Global Warming: https://climaterealism.com/2021/05/epas-new-climate-change-indicators-publication-misleads-on-heatwaves/ WEEK TV has a story on Wednesday night’s District 87 School Board meeting, unfortunately no video of the parents speaking but they are in the story: https://week.com/2021/05/26/district-87-parents-voice-concerns-over-covid-rules-and-curriculum-focus/

What would have happened if that comment had been about Obama?

By:  Diane Benjamin Followup to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/17/public-service-announcement-district-87/ We’ve known for a long time Martin Luther King’s vision of America is dead: Would King want people to vote for blacks only? Kiasha Henry proved King’s legacy is dead in her Facebook rant.  Replace her comment about Trump with Obama and imagine a WHITE School Board […]

Want to know why Mark Tititilli was fired?

By:  Diane Benjamin The School Board and Administration aren’t talking.  Mark has too much class.  Received by FOIA – from one of his students.  I’ve got LOTS more, including a cover sheet where the FOIA officer misspelled Marc’s last name in numerous places.  If you aren’t disgusted after reading, what does it take?  Maybe look […]

District 87 spends YOUR money!

By:  Diane Benjamin From Illinois News Network:  https://www.ilnews.org/news/schools/bloomington-taxpayers-shell-out-thousands-for-school-board-hotels-food/article_03e0ef4c-0078-11e8-9c76-03e07cf01e22.html Taxpayers in Bloomington paid thousands of dollars for District 87 school officials to enjoy a weekend of high-end hotels and restaurants in downtown Chicago. In doing this, it appears that they broke their own rules on spending. Twelve district officials spent approximately $18,511.39 while attending the Illinois Association of […]