District 87 spends YOUR money!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Illinois News Network:  https://www.ilnews.org/news/schools/bloomington-taxpayers-shell-out-thousands-for-school-board-hotels-food/article_03e0ef4c-0078-11e8-9c76-03e07cf01e22.html

Taxpayers in Bloomington paid thousands of dollars for District 87 school officials to enjoy a weekend of high-end hotels and restaurants in downtown Chicago. In doing this, it appears that they broke their own rules on spending.

Twelve district officials spent approximately $18,511.39 while attending the Illinois Association of School Boards’ annual three-day convention in Chicago last November. Some brought their spouses.

In its response to Illinois News Network’s initial Freedom Of Information Act request, the district claimed to have spent $17,152.30 in total on the conference, $1,540.01 of that being food expenses. Further review of the itemized receipts by INN showed significantly higher food receipts, totaling $2,570.71.

The majority of the District 87 party stayed in the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. Their stay cost taxpayers $8,354.26, the bulk of the total expense.

Among the expenses was an $1,800 restaurant tab costing taxpayers more than $100 per official. The 18 Bloomington school officials dined on filets, oysters, and lobster.

Repeated calls for a response from district superintendent Barry Reilly were not answered until late Tuesday, when his office said it is working to reconcile some expenses with the board secretary.

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8 thoughts on “District 87 spends YOUR money!

  1. living large on free money from taxes , they should receive at most a most stipend of 10 to 15 dollars per a meal or 30 to 45 dollars max per day . . eating high on the hog is as bad as hiring strippers n hookers .. shame on them . they should reimburse or be fired .

  2. Pillaging RAIDERS! I am APPALLED by this atrocity! As a grad of BHS, I can’t believe they go and spend this much on “living large” while the students are looking for bread crumbs. THIS kind of SHIT NEEDS to stop. AT ALL LEVELS!!! There is NO reason, people on a trip THEY are NOT paying for NEED to stay at a high end hotel and live like Caligula!

  3. This is theft. They stole taxpayer dollars for this unnecessary extravagance. They should be immediately required to reimburse taxpayers.

  4. It seems like government and appointed officials hubris and ripping off the taxpayers has become a cronic illness around these parts.

  5. Wow, when I was on a school board only the board members and spouses went to that conference. I can never remember any staff going. We stayed at one of several hotels at a reduced rate. For meals I can remember maybe all of us going out to one or two diners, otherwise you were on your own. Seems like we could get reimbursement for meals but I never asked for it. Probably no telling what parking cost them at the hotel. I always parked at the Millennial Park underground parking for the public at a cheaper rate. Were they to damn lazy to walk from there to the hotel which isn’t that far? I guess valet parking has it’s perks.

    I never thought we were taking the taxpayers for a ride. One has to keep in mind that in the state of IL board members are not paid or reimbursed for their work. In some other states districts can pay board members.

    District 87 really soaked the taxpayers in my opinion. I wonder if they got their Christmas shopping done too? Pray tell where did they dine at for a bill of $1800, Gene & Georgetti’s? I think the most expensive place we ever went to was Weber Grill. I doubt our bill at Mangiano’s ever came close to that. I’m jealous now.

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