What was in the box? Unit 5 credit card charges!

By:  Diane Benjamin See a pic of the massive stack of papers I received in response to a FOIA request here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/05/guess-what-this-is/ My original FOIA was for 18 months of all credit card/ PC card statements and receipts.  I narrowed the request to 12 months and only administrators to reduce the volume.  It’s still a […]

District 87 spends YOUR money!

By:  Diane Benjamin From Illinois News Network:  https://www.ilnews.org/news/schools/bloomington-taxpayers-shell-out-thousands-for-school-board-hotels-food/article_03e0ef4c-0078-11e8-9c76-03e07cf01e22.html Taxpayers in Bloomington paid thousands of dollars for District 87 school officials to enjoy a weekend of high-end hotels and restaurants in downtown Chicago. In doing this, it appears that they broke their own rules on spending. Twelve district officials spent approximately $18,511.39 while attending the Illinois Association of […]