Tari: Want to be on this list?

By:  Diane Benjamin

At last Monday’s Council meeting Tari announced the “Welcoming Ordinance” is coming back in February.

Tari must not have noticed the Democrats LOST the shutdown battle because citizens saw them standing with people not legally here instead of them.

Since he is a slow learner, he wants to try the same thing.  He’s even willing to move the meeting to the BCPA at your expense to do it!

Is the Council really this stupid?

Maybe Tari wants added to this list from the Department of Justice:    https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-demands-documents-and-threatens-subpoena-23-jurisdictions-part-8-usc-1373

Statement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Police Chief Heffner told the Council the ordinance would endanger citizens. 

This meeting will prove if the Council is playing partisan games or standing with citizens.





17 thoughts on “Tari: Want to be on this list?

  1. As a life long democrat who left the party that left me, I can say that most of the current democrats have lost their minds completely. They have become the party of corporations, drug companies, insurance, the deep state and the military industrial complex. They no longer care about or represent the working people of our country.

  2. Actually, Lawrence, I believe that the current Democrats in our country have but ONE agenda-GET TRUMP! And I think they have blinders on in TRYING to achieve this goal! IF TRUMP said he would prosecute ONLY Democrats that drive into the Grand Canyon, they would be like lemmings, just to go against his wishes. And of course, TRUMP is playing this to the hilt, just like he did on “YOU’RE FIRED” ..
    How quickly they forget about Hillary and Barack and their tricks…
    Slick Willy, wonder HOW he got that name?
    Yep, get TRUMP is the NEW and ONLY democratic agenda.. NOTHING else matters..

    1. Yes it’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome. They (the media, Deep State, FBI, etc.) have thrown everything in the book at the president while ignoring the crimes of Hillary and Obama. Trump is a populist and the Neo-liberal establishment wants him out. They were unsuccessful in installing Queen Hillary and it is driving them nuts. I personally have lost friends over this. I just can’t talk to someone who thinks Hillary was cheated by the Russians and Trump is worse than Hitler. So far he is doing a great job. He appears to be working for the working people of our country instead of Wall Street and the Big Banks (like Obama did).

  3. I would hope to see the Federal Marshals show up and haul Renner off to jail for his illegal “Welcoming Ordinance”

    1. Once they get the ordinance finished up and Renner signs it, perhaps there will be several of us here that will copy it to Sessions and the Federal Marshals. Hauling that guy off to jail would make my day. Lol, imagine the nail biting and hand wringing by Scotty, Pinky, Buragas, and the crew!

  4. Maybe he likes poking a sleeping bear. The police chief has already said this hasn’t been an issue. Maybe he wants an issue. He’s so stupid. He must know that people WILL contact federal authorities.

  5. The best time to make an issue of this is prior to it getting on the agenda. Marches, protests, whatever to make noise. It is time the other side of the issue is truly heard and represented. That immigration lawyer admitted she provided false information about a local detainment. What other falsehoods are being disseminated?

  6. Enforcing the existing laws makes sense – deliberately obstructing Federal authorities from enforcing the laws of the United States is in my mind a treasonous act. People (like our mayor) who believe that their personal ideas about (illegal aliens) should translate into local ordinances and the deliberate violation of Federal Law need to be prosecuted and jailed. No one is above the law. Our society functions as a result of the rule of law. To think that your moral high ground exempts you and your city from the law is crazy and undemocratic. My ancestors came here from Germany legally. Most if not all the people reading this blog had ancestors who came to this country legally. Why is it too much to ask that people who come here, do so legally?

  7. My speech is already written I will speak again I guarantee you our worthless mayor will not like what I am going to say.

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