Some PICS! – Pothole Hall of Shame

By:  Diane Benjamin

Cities 92.9 and BlnNews are launching a Pothole Hall of Shame.

The City is never going to fixed the roads until citizens force them to!

Feel free to “decorate” potholes with chalk.  Draw a big arrow pointing to the pothole so other drivers see it before they blow tire, break shocks, or get a concussion from slamming into it!

Consider this a Public Service!

Decorate one or just snap a pic.  Post it on either of our Facebook pages.  If you aren’t on Facebook, send it to me and I will post it.

You are being ignored at both City Halls.  Time for some civil disobedience – please watch for traffic before decorating!

Post a pic of repair bills too.  Money is being wasted on Economic Development that should go to roads.  No businesses are going to locate here when the roads are wrecking cars.

Have some fun and send your government a message at the same time!

Both Towns are doing budgets for next year, road repairs aren’t a priority.  Only you can change that.

White Eagle

These two were taken on E Grove by Schooners





16 thoughts on “Some PICS! – Pothole Hall of Shame

  1. Excellent idea. Heck I might even go out in the middle of the night to do it. This could really be fun😊

  2. Years ago I bought a evergreen tree from a Greenhouse and it died over the winter. As I drove by this Greenhouse everyday I noticed a very large pothole almost in front of their business. I talked to the Greenhouse owner and he said to bring in the tree and he would replace it.
    As it was still in it’s wire wrapped ball, it was easy to haul. As I went by there before 6 a m, instead of leaving it in his lot, I planted it in the pothole out front. A few days later the owner thanked me for getting his pothole fixed that day.

  3. I do not think there is enough chalk in the BLO-NO to “highlight” ALL of the potholes/deteriorating sections of Clinton St. between EMPIRE and Oakland that have ALREADY been “patched” NUMEROUS times over the past few years

  4. Just pretend you’re a libturd for a night like stealing campaign signs instead you’ll be spraying florescent paint around potholes. I think I’ll do pink since it’s like a cancer. Fun, fun, fun!

  5. Let’s avoid highlighting potholes in the Downtown. Besides, they have their own (failed) association/group to lobby City Hall.

  6. Yes. Play in traffic. What possibly happen while bent over “decorating” a pothole? Great idea. OR you could simply use the city’s app or call them to report the pothole so it gets filled. And track their responsiveness. But no…go play in traffic. Love the idea.

    1. I am truly laughing out loud Rich – omg – that was sooo funny “use the app or call them…” LOL LOL. Also, Diane is right, the shoddy cheap materials they use to “patch” these roads are an utter joke and last hardly any time at all. Oh and most people over the age of say 8 (and non impaired) are able to watch traffic, and not get hit while doing something in the street/road, and especially at night. BloNo is NOT downtown Chicago or other similar major city (Thank GOD) and the streets aren’t exactly jumpin’ at 3AM

      1. I used the app last week. A pothole in each lane. If I swerved to miss one I would hit the other. They were patched two days later. Temporary is better than nothing at this point.

  7. Just imagine how bad the potholes would be with a bad and snowy winter. We’ve been lucky the last couple of years. Wow! Still time left in this one.

  8. Just crossed south over Rt 9 on Hershey and there were some piles of loose asphalt! I had to swerve so as not to get it all over my freshly washed car! Can’t they do anything right?

  9. “They were patched two days later. Temporary is better than nothing at this point.” – Yes, that way there is ALWAYS daily busy work for the road crews, it never REALLY gets close to done, but, busy busy busy – 5 people to do a 2 person job – that’s the way the city rolls,

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