Is the ZBA paying attention?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The testimony before the Zoning Board of Appeals on a new Wind Farm in McLean County is very technical.

It isn’t just that people don’t want monstrous turbines by their house.  If you didn’t know, the ones being proposed are MUCH bigger than the turbines east of Bloomington.

Much more is now known about the noise generated, both audible and noise that can’t be heard – but does affect people and animals.

Should a ZBA Board member really be playing on his cell phone during testimony?  I’m getting reports some members have selective paying attention.  People’s Quality of Life is a stake, they could at least pretend to be listening.

The hearing continues tonight at 6:00pm








9 thoughts on “Is the ZBA paying attention?

  1. He may not be playing, instead he may be getting advise and opinions from someone in the spectators. I saw this happen in a Commissioners combined meeting with School Board and Town Board. A later known person in the crowd was sending a Commissioner questions to ask and answer to questions asked of the Commissioners. This was not a Public hearing. This allowed certain individuals to rig the questions and answers. Now there is a citizens push to have this board to lay their cell phones in front of their name plates in full view and left there through out the meetings.

  2. I would EXPECT more of Drake, as an investment person AND a “respected” citizen. Drake. Do you want me to pull MY accounts, IF this is the way you PAY attention??
    Just a thought!
    As for wind “farms” they are neither and I USED to be in favor of them, but after seeing dead migratory birds and the noise generated, I’ve gotten COLD on their existence. AND when they are obsolete. WHO”S gonna bring them down?

  3. Once the wind farm companies get their hands on our tax money, they will be gone like the wind. Then the wind turbines will fall into disrepair, rust, break down, leak oil, etc. Then the farmer won’t be able to pay the taxes on these wind turbines once the company skips town. Then the government will confiscate the land for unpaid taxes. Then voila, the government gets their hands on the world’s richest farmland–which was the entire point of this charade from the beginning.

  4. Reality. In the last couple of years, it has become more evident that the Automotive Industries ARE going to push way more Electric forms of motors not only in cars but also trucks. It is becoming evident we will need an amazing amount of additional electricity to take care of this need. If we do not expand our output of electricity we will force brown outs and maybe blackouts, until we catch up. With increased demand and increased forms of electricity output we can avoid this crisis and that will assure tower maintenance and replacements as needed.

    1. These eyesores don’t produce that much, especially when the wind doesn’t blow. I could post weekly videos of them shut off or just not turning by me. Expense and efficiency matter. Turbines are ridiculous.

      1. Well you finally got around to the real reason for your dislike of wind energy. Eyesores. tsk tsk.

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