Teachers who refuse to leave the union are the problem

By: Diane Benjamin

District 87 is meeting tonight (5:00 at BHS) to demand your children wear masks when the school year starts. There is no proof masks work and lots of proof they don’t. The School Board will do it anyway.

What the School Board should be doing is insuring rouge teachers don’t follow the lead of the National Education Association and teach Critical Race Theory to your kids. Both District 87 and Unit 5 have publicly stated they don’t, it is obvious both do. Any program that pits races against each other or schemes to improve a race with Equity is racist. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is racist because individuals don’t matter, the collective white race, black race, or whatever is treated equally even though all members are not guilty and all members aren’t innocent. Judging people based on their character isn’t Marxist so it can’t be allowed.

Back to the NEA:

See their CRT statement here: https://bit.ly/37hn8TI

The statement not only says they will encourage members to teach Critical Race Theory, it mentions the 1619 Project by name. Yes, District 87 – somebody at your school is teaching CRT with or without your approval.

The NEA supports the Marxist of Black Lives Matter and Howard Zinn – the far leftist with the same ideology.

Read the whole statement. It is appalling that kids graduate who can’t read, write, and do math but they will be able to tell how oppressed they are. I could post appalling excerpts but there are too many. You need to read them yourself.

So how are teachers who are still members of the union the problem?

The Bloomington Education Association is required the file tax returns. They are also required by law to make them public. The latest tax return online is from 2006.

The below is from that tax return. Union dues paid by the teachers are ending up supporting the NEA and their Marxist agenda: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/371035837

Teachers can stop these Marxists by not giving them money!

Parents that can need to take their kids out of the local indoctrination centers.

Obviously the schools aren’t going to demand your kids are educated instead of indoctrinated because they won’t even admit CRT is being taught.







14 thoughts on “Teachers who refuse to leave the union are the problem

  1. Unions are another “string” that binds people together. The Dems have perfected creating many “string” groups to unite people. This is the stronger together approach. Republicans on the other hand are about individual freedoms, transparency and removing the shackles the “string” groups impose on their members. While noble, the effect is the Republicans are splintering, while the Dems are uniting. You don’t have to agree with the usefulness of any particular “string group” to see that they are uniting to the larger group called Democrats. Look at masks. 100% of Dems follow the arbitraryness and back and forth rules without question. Republicans are mixed. Republicans need to find something to unite around and it cannot be uniting around an individual. Just my 2 cents…

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    1. Fred, i think the problem is that democrats/progressives have a very simplistic, childlike view of social morality or social responsibility. It’s much easier to get people like that to unite.

      The problem is when they do unite on a problem their short sighted solutions only make the problem worse. Like children screaming for candy they don’t think about cavities or spoiling their lunch or being over weight.

      They can rally around a word or phrase without even knowing or caring what the end effect of its use will be. The fairness sounding word is enough to get them to raise their flags and march. Take the word “equity” for example. It sounds wonderful but it means racism. They only hear the sound of the word, they don’t consider the meaning.

      Conservatives can’t do that.

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      1. They do have a very child-like simplicity to them, many of the rank and file at least. I look at it as a kind of arrested development and they LIKE having a nanny to guide them and protect them and “keep them safe”. They also have that subject (cult member?) mentality and actually say “Well they said we have to so we have to. I’m going to follow the science and do what the experts say”.


        1. Ronin, progressives usually don’t care about authority. Consider wanting to defund the police, ICE, supporting rioters, and generally ignoring laws they don’t like. The authority of “Science” as they define it, is just a tool to justify their big government dreams. They love “science” and scientists that are willing to bend to their wishes. Like Fauci.


  2. Opt out.

    We’re a nation of free individuals, not of serfs blindly allegiant to technocrats.

    So opt out of all of it if you must. Pull your kids from public schools. Respectfully push back on frivolous mandates. Opt of of the left’s chronic self-loathing. Love your neighbors, your town, and your country. Hold your self respect and esteem above the fear tearing through our country.

    Do what you need to do to protect yourself and your family from a very real virus, but then live your life and opt out of this madness. The virus is never going away. It’s time to accept it, manage it, and move on with our lives.

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    1. Grover,
      Opting out is a luxury many families can’t afford. Maybe that is by design. They’ve got us pretty much pinned in and dare us to try and get free or even protest what they are shoving down our throats.


    2. In BN? You’ve got to be kidding? Only a very small percentage of the population has any courage to stand up for what they believe in no matter what it is. It’s been a go along to get along community forever and it will continue to be. Check back in fifty years to see if anything has changed. Thank you sir, may I have another?


  3. Fromhere – I’m sympathetic to your statement, and understand. But opting out doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be private school, but I will say most private schools in town will work with parents’ budgets to a degree. You never know until you try.

    But, we live in a time that information is so cheaply available, and there are many excellent conservative homeschool curriculums. Some (like abeka) have video lesson plans if parents aren’t able to sit down and teach. The child tax credit currently being paid out would easily cover the costs. And I know, many households are dual income, and the parents just aren’t home during the day. But there are friends, grandparents, aunts/uncles, even churches. If not having your kids indoctrinated is important, and you feel you can’t fight the system, then get creative and do whatever you need to do to get out. Form a co-op school. Do something but don’t accept that this is the way it has to be.

    But if not, then fight like hell. Show up to the school board meetings. Run for school board. Join PTA. Do whatever you need to do to have your voice heard. I know several families that have moved to Leroy, El Paso, etc to get to a smaller conservative district. Now would be a great time to sell a house for a profit and relocate.

    It’s time to opt out of the notion that we are the minority and there’s nothing we can do against this big scary machine. What do you think a 5-10-15% drop in enrollment would do to these districts? I guarantee you it would be a wake up call.

    This is America. You have options. You have agency. You have freedom. It may be hard. It may be costly. But t’s time to get off the couch, make some tough decisions, and use our intellect and voice to create the environment in which we want to raise our children. There’s no better use of our time or resources. I’d mortgage the rest of my life to have faithful, strong, independent, and bright kids.

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  4. And if you can do none of these things, at the very minimum, you have to be the strongest and most loving voice in your children’s lives. You have to teach them what you believe and why. Get ahead of what’s being taught in school, and allow them to develop the critical thinking and courage to not blindly accept what’s at times being forced down their throat. Teach them to stand strong, learn to debate, and how to read outside the curriculum. But allow them the freedom to recognize there are also some very excellent teachers that do care as well.

    You do not have to helplessly accept the situation.

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    1. Good thoughts Grover. Every family is in a different situation. The sudden radical turn of our K-12 school administration is hard to adjust to and is going to generate backlash when parents see what their kids are being taught.

      I’m hoping as we get into the midst of this new Chicago style “indoctri-cation” the majority will rise up and turn on the minority that is pushing this insanity. It might take a large number of families pulling their kids out mid term in a boycott. It might take teachers quitting in mass as they see the harm they are imposing on our children.

      If the school boards are afraid to have meetings with parents now, they better read up on riot control for the future.


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