Unit 5 union tax return

By: Diane Benjamin

Unlike District 87’s handwritten return, Unit 5’s Teachers Union paid a CPA firm to do theirs.

I have a 2020 return for them: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/display_990/371245404/04_2021_prefixes_37-38%2F371245404_202006_990EO_2021042217989367

First thing to notice is they don’t take in near as much money from members as District 87 (2006: $187,804):

Note the last line above: $319,389 on hand at the end of the year.

So where did they spend money? We don’t know because descriptions aren’t included:

Schedule O shows: Full time Teacher Release – $42,112. (no idea what that means)

One more interesting part of the tax return:

Lindsey Dickinson works 55 hours a week for free?

How can she afford to do that? Because taxpayers are paying her:

Source: OpenTheBooks.com

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