District 87 meeting cancelled

Under Agenda nothing was posted: https://www.district87.org/domain/69

Unless they dreamed up a new place to post it, the meeting would have violated the Open Meetings Act anyway.

8 thoughts on “District 87 meeting cancelled

  1. They can’t hide behind their fat demonic/democrat (same thing) governor forever. They’ll have to face the music — as all useful idiots eventually do, to their shock and surprise.

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    1. I REALLY sincerely hope that a lot of people keep their kids out of school. Also, they have to gin up the fear porn as high as they can as midterm campaigning time starts really rolling, and also so they can push the mail in voting so they can increase the fraudulent votes. Wonder if Jabba the Pritz is going to start pulling sports programs next, I wouldn’t doubt it all. Oh, or I guess they can play to empty gyms and stadiums in their silly little masks.

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