Yes, Critical Race Theory is in the schools

By: Diane Benjamin

If your kids will be attending a local public school, you need to prepare them for the Marxist ideology they will hear.

Ask them to report use of these words to you:

White privilege, White Supremacy, Gender identification, Inherent Bias, Equity, Anti-racist,

1619 Project, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive Teaching

This list will keep expanding as those who want America divided into groups make up new labels. CRT depises individuality because the goal is to de-legitimize America. Individual liberty, equal opportunity, upward mobility, capitalism, and freedom can not exist when the goal is to fundamentally transform America. History, family, laws, and the American culture must be destroyed. See it happening everywhere?

AMAC magazine has a good article this month on CRT. AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP, I suggest you join today.

The article lists SEVEN hard truths about CRT. Below is a shortened summary of each:

  1. “Group Equity” is not in the Constitution, we all have individual rights.
  2. Equal opportunity is not Equal outcome. CRT demands government creates Equal.
  3. CRT is racist because merit based achievement is rejected, hate and blame replace it.
  4. CRT denies that upward mobility exists. It teaches your race prevents success.
  5. CRT promotes inter-generational guilt. We are responsible for the history of our ancestors even if they weren’t here.
  6. CRT empowers elites to mass persecute those who oppose the Marxist agenda. Un-American!
  7. CRT ignores data. America is a magnate for minorities because of the American Dream.

I’m sure you can see a lot of this already happening. Every mention of race in intended to divide. We all know successful people of every race, there is no obstacles in America to success that aren’t self-created.

The final AMAC paragraph:

In the end, CRT is Marxism, pushing resentment, blame, guilt, fear, silence, and compliance. Do not buy it. Americans cleave by values, not skin color. Critical Race Theory is junk – a disgrace.







7 thoughts on “Yes, Critical Race Theory is in the schools

  1. The foundation of this standard is based on a NEVER clearly defined thing called “systems of inequity”.

    Systems of Inequity – what is that? I’ve looked.
    The definitions always fall back on statistics about numbers of people of color in prison or discrepancies in income. There are many reasons for these but telling white kids to self reflect will not fix them.

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  2. Should the enterprising young man here in town that has taken it upon himself to clean out stinking garbage cans during his summer vacation be self reflecting on his white privilege as he works?

    Sorry, the garbage cans he cleans aren’t the only thing that stinks around here.

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  3. I doubt my kids will actually say this, but I at least made sure they know it…
    “So, teach, comparing a white kid being raised by a single-mother junkie compared to a black kid raised by rich, politically-connected parents, the white kid has white privilege and the black kid is oppressed?”
    “And even though we’re judging them solely by the color of their skin, that’s not racism because whites have power and blacks don’t?”
    “So then after class, I can smack you in the face with my book as hard as I want, and it won’t be assault because you have the power and I don’t?”

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    1. Yes and according to the new Illinois teaching standards the teacher must gage her discipline of the kid based on the color of the skin. Kids with less power will be allowed to abuse their power to make things equitable.
      And don’t think it won’t happen. Children always take things too far until they are disciplined. Take a way the discipline and see what happens?

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  4. Obama’s Teaching Standards Returning with a Vengeance

    This whole equitable teaching and discipline thing started with Obama in 2011 if you recall. Ten years ago he put quotas on placement of black kids in higher level programs (comparing numbers to whites and asians) and kept statics on who was disciplined and their color. He threatened legal action and withholding of federal funds to any schools that were found to be “inequitable” according to his teaching standard.

    It’s been 10 years and nothing has changed. But in true progressive style if your program didn’t work expand the program and start over.

    I don’t think we have to ask if these people are nuts anymore.

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