2 more things from Normal meeting

By: Diane Benjamin


Bids for repairs and painting of the Camelback Bridge were rejected because the cost was significantly over budget. Keep in mind, the Town isn’t re-bidding their share of building the underpass since costs have changed. Does that explain why money is being stockpiled?


The only item Kathleen Lorenz voted against was approving employee insurance that came in 17% higher than last year:

Nobody asked her if she wanted to take away their insurance, the Council had no alternative to not approving the increase.

Remember when two local companies bid less than Horton Group but the employee group picked Horton because they liked the staff? https://blnnews.com/2021/05/12/normals-deception/

We don’t know if a cheaper solution could have been found using a different broker. We do know a few employees with very high claims cost are making the insurance expensive.

Two videos to listen to: 1) In response to a Stan Nord question, Pam Reece states employees get insurance for free, dependents pay half the cost. 2) The Horton group rep states Normal’s plan is in line with other municipalities and units of government. How about the private sector instead? Anybody get free insurance from your employers?

If you want to see the entire discussion, Pam is at 1:12:52.

The Horton rep is at 1:26:38

One thought on “2 more things from Normal meeting

  1. Well, well, well. It’s ok for Kathy to question the cost of things, but when Stan Nord does it’s point of order time. How come Koos Koos didn’t put the gavel down on her?

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