Three things you need to know

Rivian deliveries are now delayed until July 1st:

EPA is using fictitious data to claim Global Warming:

WEEK TV has a story on Wednesday night’s District 87 School Board meeting, unfortunately no video of the parents speaking but they are in the story:

5 thoughts on “Three things you need to know

  1. A typical poorly covered story by the members of WEAK-TV News. (In intensional modification of call letters.) Just a forty second blurb with no substance. They claim to dig deeper, so why not dig into what the parents said and why? Obviously the did not learnn the 5 W’s of journalism. Who,What When Where and Why.

  2. The new electric Ford F-150 is about to steal the show in the EV pickup market. The reviews are amazing! Rivian needs to get it together over there. Stop opening boutique stores and filming documentaries.

    1. Everyone should the Science Magazine article titled “Millions of Electric Cars Are Coming. What Happens to All the Dead Batteries?” It’s an insightful and honest look that no one in the electric car industry has given the subject little to no attention and that the future disposal of components and batteries will cause an unintended ecological disaster in the name of “greening and saving the Earth.” The industry is already lying about most things associated with the technology.

      1. “The industry is already lying about most things associated with the technology.”
        It’s what they do, they lie. They lie about the electric cars, they lie about wind, they lie about solar they lie about “climate change”, they lie about “greenhouse gases”, they lie about everything.

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