District 87 has failed students

By:  Diane Benjamin

I attended the District 87 School Board meeting last night.  Evidently not many people speak at Public Comment because they have NO Public Comment rules.  Public Comment is at the end of the meeting and anyone who wants to speak can with no time limits.  (Refreshing!)

Two students spoke in support of Marc Tiritilli, one accused administration of high-jacking their walkout on March 14th.  She was upset they were only allowed to walkout to the hallway.

I’m betting these kids believe that more gun control will keep them safe.  I’m betting they have no idea why the 2nd Amendment exists.  I’m betting they have no idea what an assault weapon is, they just parrot talking points.  I’m betting the purpose of failing to teach real American history is so any entire generation will grow up and vote to ban all guns.  Truth does not exist in public schools.

I spoke too.  I began by reading a long list of excerpts from emails written by students about Mark Tiritilli.  Think back to when you were in high school.  How many teachers do you remember who were passionate about students and able to teach really tough subjects.  Would you have attended a School Board meeting in support of any teacher?  This is the second meeting where dozens of students did.

The District 87 School Board was elected to represent you.  They don’t represent you any more than members of the City Councils do.  They are members of a club where making waves isn’t tolerated.  Nobody on the District 87 School Board stood up for the students who deserve a teacher like Marc.  They deserve lots of Marcs, but teachers like him are difficult to find.  Last night they voted to hire Marc’s replacement instead of keeping a phenomenal teacher.

After reading the emails I spoke about the gun control flyer and the lies surrounding it:

    • I was told a student brought the flyer in – lie one.
    • I was told the district didn’t have a copy – lie 2.
    • I read the email from Principal Tim Moore stating a student should pass it out so it doesn’t look like the school is.

I told the Board they fired the wrong person.

Superintendent Barry Reilly admitted to the media that it was wrong and it won’t happen again.  I found out by accident when I FOIA’d emails about Marc.  What else are they doing we don’t know about?  The Illinois Constitution doesn’t have a dollar limit for prosecuting use of public property for a non public use.  The School Board is failing in their fiduciary duty to hold Tim Moore accountable.  Moore is part of the “club” who never face consequences.  Marc Tiritilli wasn’t in that club, that’s why he was fired.

Putting government in charge of educating students was a grave mistake.  It is why you need to get your kids out of public schools.

If you have a daughter at Stevenson, did you know they have a program to teach leadership skills to BOYS?  Nobody else seem to notice the reference on the video played during the meeting about Stevenson School.

This story was covered by both WJBC and the Pantagraph:




By the way, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon”.  All guns can kill.





22 thoughts on “District 87 has failed students

  1. I think that lawmakers AND teachers sit around and TRY to think of the DUMBEST ideal they can com up with and see IF it’ll fly, rather then addressing the issues. I hear this a.m. that ONE Illinois lawmaker wants to map it LEGAL to break into someones vehicle IF there’s an animal inside on a hot summer day. In about the same breath, Unit 5 wants to have “Indigenous Peoples” day and do away with Columbus day.
    Anyone remember Mr Haug at BJHS? He was a good Science teacher as was Mr Clark at BHS..

  2. Hey. I wonder why Jim Karch okayed all the sidewalk by the city yards be replaced when the sidewalk by Phoenix towers and downtown need attention. There are a lot of people with disabilities living in Phoenix towers

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  3. I wonder why you, a non-Bloomington resident would be taken seriously?


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      1. I for one am so pleased that you get out there and do what you do Diane. The topics you bring up in front of these boards and councils need to be said, the questions need to be asked, the incompetency needs to be called out, the accountability needs to be requested, and without someone like you who has the guts to take on the bureaucrats we elected, or the underlings they appoint, wherever they may be, in whatever capacity they may be serving, even in a community where you don’t reside is beyond admirable and highly respected. You may not always have it 100% right, but your willingness to stick your neck out and shed light on an issue as the quintessential “watchdog” every community needs, is more special to our democracy than the Toms of this world will ever understand. Thanks for the good work Diane and keep ’em stirring in their seats!

    1. And I wonder why you, think that anyone on this site takes you seriously Tom? Besides keyboard fodder, you’re wasting your time here. I’m guessing you lead a very boring life.

    2. One should always pay attention to one’s neighbors fields – what befalls the neighbors field may befall yours next.

  4. Did anyone tell the school board the real reason they fired Marc Tiritilli? We all know it’s because he had the courage to run against Koos. The are hoping to get him out of town by firing him. We know how the liberal progressive Communists operate.

    1. For sure. Let’s not forget the hassles Eric Decossas went through for daring to run for mayor in Blm.. It’s politics for sure. The Koos & Renner regimes are very afraid of such challengers.

  5. Do you know that Stevenson also has a program to teach leadership skills to GIRLS too?? It’s called SPARK. Please be informed before you write.

      1. You might want to find out what SPARK is then; preferably before you insinuate that we only promote leadership in boys.

    1. Julie–Which one of the following programs are offered at Stevenson? Or, can you provide a link so we can be informed as to what District 87 its offering.
      The activities listed appear to be the same as will be offered at the Creativity Center through Bloomington’s Park & Rec Department.

    2. SPARK (Showing Pride and Reinforcing Kindess) is most definitely a leadership program, there just doesn’t happen to be an L in the acronym. There and many words, qualities, and skills that go in to being a leader and we learn and practice A LOT of them. Among other things, a leader must be educated, strong, proactive, and KIND. SPARK and BOLD often do join forces to reinforce BOYS and GIRLS can be leaders alike however sometimes having positive women come speak to and empower these girls is important and vice versa. One of the many jobs of educators is to give each student what they need and that can be very different student to student, building to building. We have the most open minds with the commonality that we care and do FOR THE KIDS. To speak negatively on something created on ONLY positivity is disheartening. I’m sorry these amazing programs offended you. They are truly helping our kids in crucial ways, and for that alone I stand by them 100%.

        1. Untrue. Sorry you feel that way. I am telling you it is a leadership group. That’s not what you are wanting to hear so you aren’t hearing it.

  6. School Board members spend thousands for an all expense paid conference in Chicago with their spouse. Not considered a problem.
    BHS principal allows use of public equipment for non-public use. Considered a learning experience.
    A teacher admits he should have handled things differently and says it won’t happen again. He’s fired.

  7. Riley- what a moron! Can’t supervise children, alleged affairs with staff, overspending money on foolishness, taking retiring staff to training when they won’t be here next year. Like I said what a moron. Good choice school board!

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